The Big Five-O

Hey there!

Happy 50th blog post nice girls!  I cannot believe I am sitting here writing my 50th post.  In 2010 when I decided to start my blog I had no idea I would ever reach over 3,000 page views and fabulous readers like you.  My goal was to create a place where I could write about all things girly and answer any and all of your questions.  I believe I have achieved this goal with your help.  I continue to write not only because I love my blog but because of all the kind words and encouragement I receive from all of you.  Thank you for being so loyal and amazing. 

I have been working hard to update my blog the last few days and I am so excited about the new look.  Make sure you check out the About me, Ask, FAQ, Memory and the Spotlight tabs.  Hang in there with me while I continue to update the new tabs. Let me know what you think of my new look in the comments below. 

My new blog goal is to increase the number of followers from 19-30 by the end of 2011.  Will you help me achieve my new goal?  If you do not officially follow my blog please take a few seconds to become a follower.  I would greatly appreciate it.

I know you all love to send in blog request and you all know I take forever to get back to them.  But I promise I am catching up on them and will continue to respond to you.  If you have a blog request you can always leave them in the comments below however if you want to make sure I see and fully understand your request send an email to Subject: blog request.

Thank you again for making my blog a success.  I hope you are having a great Monday and first day of August!  And remember, nice girls always finish first!



Anonymous said...

i am loving this new layout!! i can not wait untill you get to fill in the rest of the tabs! :D
i have a quick question i was hopeing i could get some advice on!..i recently bought a dress at khols, it is a simple all black maxi dress that is halter style (i tried posting a pic but would not allow me) the dress is just cotton and all black and simple. i am kind of planning on wearing it to a party this weekend that is on a boat at nite time. this is very casual and hawaiian theamed. but i do not know what kind of shos to wear with it!! i have never bought or wore a maxi dress b4 and not sure what shoe would look super cute with it! i do not really want to wear heals as it is one a boat all nite but not sure what to do! any suggestions would be amazing!!! hope you are having a great day!! :)

All American Nice Girl said...

I would recommend flip flops! Black or silver would look great!! I always wear flip flops with my maxi dresses when I am being casual! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

thank you! not just to find some super cute siliver flip flops! lol have a great day nice girl!

Anonymous said...

I am a loyal follower and have been since day one. I leave many comments and such...I would love to become a follower but I am afraid you will not want me to due to past reasons

All American Nice Girl said...

Please do not feel like you cannot become a follower. :) One always forgives and forgets. You are welcome to become a follower... it's all about being nice and having friends. I hope this will encourage you to become a follower :)

Anonymous said...

thank you :) i mite think ab doin so more now. i have always been nice and friendly. and have forgave and tried to forget. just hope u can b a nicer girl also! :)hope u have had a wonderful day and only gets better for u! :)