TGIF: A poem to make you laugh

Happy Friday!

Today I have been working hard to be creative and write a poem for you. I really enjoyed writing this post. This poem is meant to be silly and show off my creative side.  Enjoy :)

I rolled out of bed feeling kind of sassy
I put my jeans on to look cute and classy.

I drove to work with my windows down
And jammed to my music going through the town.

Made the decision to double major
I’ll be so busy I’ll need a pager.

I’m excited to start my senior year
But I can’t believe classes are so near.

So for now I’ll relax and enjoy the summer
Because soon it will be over, what a bummer!

What do you think of my little poem? I realize I am no Emily Dickinson but I thought it was cute. Feel free to write a fun poem in the comments below. Have a fantastic weekend. And remember, nice girl always finish first!


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