My favorite 2012 sun dresses

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm up and moving on this cold deary morning.  I have quite a few things on my to do list today so I am multitasking and blogging in my first two classes.  Shhhh... Don't tell mom!  

As promised here this is a post about a few of my favorite spring/ summer dresses that are in the stores this year.  

The Limited 

1. Draped Sheath Dress: 98.00
2. Inset Waist Dress:  89.00
3. Dotted Tank Dress: 89.90
4. Dolman Sleeve Dress: 79.90

Lilly Pulitzer
1. Whitaker Dress: 388
2. Cassie Dress: 98
3. Peggy Dress: 198
4. Parker Dress; 228

The only two dresses out of these that I would wear to my new job this summer are The Draped Sheath Dress and the Inset Waist Dress from The Limited.  I'm a freeze baby so I would have to have something to cover my shoulders if I was to wear the Inset Waist Dress. 

I am absolutely in love with the Lilly dresses.  My goal is to find a good one for graduation in May.  Hopefully I will be able to find one that I will be able to rock my fabulous hot pink heels with.  I have decided that if I graduated in my pink heels from high school I will graduate college in the same pink heels.  I know it is silly, but its what I want to do. 

What are your favorite dresses that are out this year?  I would love to see them!  

Also, check out the post from last week about a few product tips and tricks I found!  These are absolutely fabulous ideas!  Product Tips & Tricks

I hope you have a fabulous Monday and I will talk with you soon.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!


Product Tips & Tricks

Hey weekend beauties!

This week has been a fabulous one!  Sunshine, long walks and cute spring outfits!  I’ve been so excited to wake up and look out my window to see the sun shining in the morning. 

I thought we should start the weekend off right with a few tips and trick on neat things we can do with products that are already lying around the house.  

Smoother legs with conditioner.  
Have old conditioner sitting around that you didn't like on your hair?
Try shaving your legs with the extra conditioner.
It will make your legs feel smoother, softer and its cheaper then shaving gel!

Quick fix to dried out mascara.
There's nothing worse when your favorite mascara dries out  a few weeks after you buy it.
Try adding a few drops of saline solution to your mascara tube.
Then insert the wand back into the tube and TA-DA your mascara is like new!
You can do this 2-3 times before ditching the tube in the trash.

No more traveling messes.
Don't you hate opening up your suitcase and there is shampoo, face wash and soap everywhere?
Well try placing a piece of saran wrap on the top of the bottle then tightly secure the lid!
No more mess and no more wasted products! 

Stained polished toes?  Whiten with your toothbrush.  
Have you ever removed your nail polish and it has stained your nails?
I find it so embarrassing!  It's like broadcasting to the world that you didn't apply a base coat before
painting on the color.
I was excited to read that you can use your whitening toothpaste and a nail brush
to get rid of the stain.  

Do you have any fun tips and tricks?  I would love for you to share them in the comments below!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Take time to relax and enjoy a short break! 

See you all on Monday with a fabulous post on my favorite spring sundresses.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!


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Ponytail Wednesdays- Top knot

Hey Wednesday beauties!  

Its another beautiful sunny day here in Northeast Ohio.  On this perfect day, nothings standing in my way!  I have had this song stuck in my head since I woke up this morning!  What a fabulous day for a fabulous song! 

 I have been loving this warm weather, shorts and cute dresses.  However, along with hot weather comes the need for more fun and unique ponytails!  The past few days I have been wearing my hair up because when it is hot outside I do not like to have my hair on the back of my neck.  I find it uncomfortable so I try to rock a few cute looks instead of the everyday pony.  

What do you think of the top knot?  




Here is a small tutorial on how to accomplish this fabulous look: 


I love this hair style!  I have yet to figure out the best way to style my hair this way.  Do you have any tips or advice?

I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day that is ahead of us!  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Have a great one!

Shopping Slang

Hey everyone!  In my post Feel the burn I talked about “The Shopaholic Daily Calendar” for 2012. 
In the past few weeks there have been a few “Shopping Slang” posts.   They’re cute so I thought I would share.

Shopping Slang
Shop lift

“When an obsessed shopaholic’s shopping bags get so overfilled that her husband/ boyfriend uses them as dumbbells. 

Girl: Have you seen my Saks bags?
Guy: Hang on—I’m almost finished with this set.  I’m gonna have great biceps after this session of shop lifting.

Shopping Slang
Shop Story

“A shop story is a good story involving retail thriftiness.  It usually involved saving vast amounts of unexpected money on a major purchase or purchases.  It can involve a really good sale or it can involve a deal no one else can match. 

Girl 1: I just scored a vintage Burberry purse at an estate sale for $50.
Girl 2: Tell me more, sounds like a great shop story.

I hope you start your week off right with a little laugh from these posts.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!


*All words inside the boxes are credited to the “The Shopaholic Daily Calendar” for 2012.  The maker of the calendar gives each post credit to  Questions? Email me.  

Beauty Mistakes

Hey Spring Break beauties!

I hope everyone who is on Spring Break this week is enjoying it as much as I am.  I spent the first 5 days of break completely obsessing over The Hunger Games trilogy.  Needless to say, I didn’t leave the couch much nor did I really make time to talk with all of you.  My deepest apologizes for neglecting you!  Hehe!
I was flipping through Yahoo news the other day and came across a post entitled: “Beauty mistakes that turn men off”.  Well after reading over them I decided not only do some of these beauty no-no’s turn guys off they also turn the heads of the people around you.  Here are my thoughts and opinions on a couple of the beauty mistakes listed in the article.

This is my favorite spring time scent! :)
 I cannot live without it during the
spring and summer months!
Fragrance Overload

There is nothing worse than standing next to a fellow beauty feeling as if they just walked through the fragrance department of your local Macy’s.  Misting yourself one too many times is not good at a social function nor is it good at the office.  Remember if you are wearing a strong perfume hit your wrist once rubbing the scent onto the other one.  If you are dealing with a fragrance that is not as strong go ahead and mist your one wrist and one finger and then apply it behind your earlobes. 
Quick tip:  Applying a fragrance behind your earlobes will help the scent stay longer.  Think about it for a second.  During the day you are constantly washing your hands.  While washing away germs you are also washing away the beautiful scent you paid so much money for.  Try this application method and see if it helps your perfume last longer. 

Caked-on Foundation

Adding more and more foundation on top of already blended in foundation creates the caked-on look.  If you are trying to create an “extra coverage” foundation there are other ways to help hide blemishes.  Try using a concealer either before or after applying foundation.  Also, when you are applying foundation use a makeup sponge or a brush to avoid the “cake-iness”.  A sponge or a brush will help you get even coverage and will also help you blend out your color better.  Using an applicator will also help you to take action against blemishes.  Don’t touch your face while your applying your makeup…don’t even think about it! :)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  Comments, questions and ideas in the comment section right below this post.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!


Lauren Conrad Spring Collection at Kohl's

Hey spring time beauties!

Have you checked out Lauren Conrad’s spring collection at Kohl’s?  She has some awesome springtime accessories, dresses, tops and shoes!  Currently Kohl’s is having a sale so be sure to check out the great deals on the LC collection.  My only objection to the collection is that it is a bit pricy.  I’m not sure if I would purchase any of her items if they were not on sale.  But I highly recommend checking out the collection at Kohl’ or at your local store.    

Here are some of my favorites. (Sale prices listed are as of Friday 3/9/12.)

1.      LC Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Bow Bobby Pin Set. 
Sale Price: $9.10
Original Price $14.00
2.      LC Gold Tome Simulated Pearl Flower Stud Earrings.
Sale Price: $7.80
Original Price $12.00
3.      LC Bow Pleated Ponte Dress.
Sale Price: $39.99
Original Price: $64.00
4.      LC Platform Dress Sandals. 
Sale Price: $51.99
Original Price: $74.99
5.      LC Silver Tone Simulated Crystal Flower Ring Set. 
Sale Price: $10.40
Original Price: $16.00
6.      LC Aviator Sunglasses. 
Sale Price: $17.99
Original Price: $30.00
7.      LC Flats      
Sale Price: $37.99
Original Price $54.99
8.      LC Gold Tome Simulated Crystal Flower Ring Set. 
Sale Price: $10.40
Original Price: $16.00
9.      LC Polka-Dot Pintuck Top in Baroque Rose. 
Sale Price: $21.60
Original Price: $36.00
10.  LC Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Bow & Teardrop Bangle Bracelet Set. 
Sale Price: $13.00
Original Price: $20.00

I hope you have a fabulous weekend that is full of relaxation and new outfits.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember nice girls always finish first!


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9 ways to Glam up your Wardrobe

Hey everyone!

I apologize for my absence the past week.  I’ve been busy interviewing and accepting a sales position for after graduation in May.  Needless to say I am super excited to have finally landed a job.  It feels as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I’m also excited to be able to get back to chatting with all of you here on my blog. 

Today’s blog is about the 9 items every girl needs to glam up her wardrobe.  If you are hitting the mall this weekend keep these items in mind- you can never have too many of each.  This post should be pretty fun so stick with me!

A Cocktail Ring. Even if it is 100% faux (read in a glamorous French accent) a little light-catching bling ring makes a big statement.  Quick tip: if you are going to wear a huge cocktail ring, make sure your mani is up to par because people will be eyeing up your hand all night.

The Pencil Skirt. Did you know that a pencil skirt is a girl’s best friend?  The skirt traces your hips, hugs your booty, and helps to create that hourglass shape we all desire to have.  Go knee-length if you are shooting for the more classic style or grab your short skirt from the back of your closet if you’re feeling fierce that day!

The LBD.  Every girl must have a go-to little black dress.  Whether it is sleek and minimal or has a ton of rhinestones, there’s no denying it is a wardrobe necessity.  Quick tip: dress your dress up with a great pair of Louboutins.  Every girl deserves a little pop of red underneath her heels! Or make it more casual with a great pair of flats.  Which every style you pick you are 100% ready for any and every LBD occasion.

The Trench Coat. The trench coat is a staple for carrying all of us fashionistas everywhere.  If you don’t already have a trench I highly recommend splurging on this item THIS WEEKEND! I love my trench coat!  It is great for the spring months when you still need a jacket.  Quick tip: try tying the belt that comes with the trench around your waist instead of hooking it like you normally would.  This is way cuter and makes for a fabulous outfit.

Red Stilettos.  Although red heels take confidence to pull off there is also a payoff in all of the fabulous compliments you will receive.  Quick tip: be sure to pair these shoes with a non-red outfit.  It’s the pop of red that makes the outfit.  All red will make the outfit blend together too much.

Oversize Sunglasses.  Add oversized sunnies to your look for a touch of star power for the day.  Were they invented for us to protect our eyes or to add a little mystery to our outfit?  Who really knows the real reason, but trust me when I say the bigger the better!

Skinny Jeans.  Even though these are denim, it does not mean they fall into the slummy weekend “I’m tired of looking nice” apparel.  With a pair of cute heels you are ready to hit the mall and they are totally dress-code appropriate for any occasion.  Quick tip: they are a great substitute to black pants or a skirt for a late night out.

Dangly Earrings.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money to find big fancy earrings.  Chandelier earrings make adding the finishing touches to your night out on the town outfit really simple.  As with your over the top sunglasses the bigger your earrings the more attention you draw to your ears.  Quick tip: if you go with big earrings keep the rest of your jewelry simple.  Sometimes it is possible to over accessorize.

Belt it.  A belt is often an overlooked accessory.  I bet you usually spend all of your time planning your shoes and handbag without thinking to add a belt to make an outfit look complete.  A belt not only makes you look pulled together, it also helps accentuate curves and can help make you look slimmer.

I thought this was a fun way to help everyone spring into the fabulous weather that is right around the corner.  What are your closet must haves?  Let me know in the comments below.  Have a great weekend!  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first. 


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