Blog Request: Great night out outfits, hair and makeup

Every nice girl needs a great night out outfit, fabulous hair and fierce makeup! However just because it is a date night there is no need to go overboard! Keep it simple and also dress for the occasion. There is no need to over think you attire because you have a date. These are my suggestions for fabulous date night.

Outfit: A sundress is perfect because they are light and cool, perfect for these hot days we have been having. Jean shorts or capri’s are also cute. Capri’s and a tank top or jean shorts and a t-shirt is usually what I do. If you are having a movie night, don’t be afraid to wear cute sweats. I will wear sweat pants (capris) from Victoria Secret and a tank top to a movie night to be comfortable.

Hair: Go Simple: High Pony Tail! These are a great way to look cute and stay cool. Don’t forget to add the poof in the back so your pony tail does not look like it is sucked to your head. The stuck to your head pony is only good for the treadmill. You can also wear your hair half up half down. This is an easy way to keep your hair out of your face but also have it down. Leaving your hair down and styling it curly or straight is also easy and fun. These are my favorite summer hair styles because they are simple and easy to do.

Makeup: I prefer to go easy on the makeup in the summer because it is so hot. But if you are going out somewhere at night a great smokey eye would be fabulous! If you are just looking to keep it simple hit the basics: foundation, mascara, blush and a lip gloss. I have only been wearing the basics during the day and then wearing a heavier eye at night.

To the requester: I hope this helps you. I have really been trying to keep my hair and makeup simple lately. It helps to decrease my getting ready time. Also, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get to your request. Please feel free to request more blogs.

Thanks for reading everyone. And remember, nice girls always finish first.


Blog Request: Hair Care Routine

Hello again my fabulous readers!

I have been asked a few times to talk about my hair care routine. Like I have mentioned in numerous posts I use all Paul Mitchell products. I’ll give you the rundown of what I use. The order in which these are listed is the order I use the products.

Shampoo/Conditioner: I use the Awapuhi Wild Ginger line. These products are great because they are sulfate free. This shampoo and conditioner are great for hair extensions and colored hair.

Deep Conditioner: Super strong treatment. I use this about once a week. I will usually use it when I shave my legs because the best thing to do with this product is leave it in as long as you can and my showers are normally longer when I shave. On days when I use this treatment I will wash my hair first and leave the treatment on my hair until the second before I get out of the shower. This also comes in a liquid treatment as well. I love them both!!

Heat Protector: Seal and Shine. I spray this in my hair before I dry it. This is a great way to protect your hair from heat like your hair dryer and flat irons.

Fast Form: This product is great because it will help to reduce your drying time. I use this product as a hair gel.

Hair dryer: Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion dryer. I love this dryer!! It is light weight and has cut my drying time in half! Highly recommended!

Hot off the Press: This product helps boost your hair strength. It can be used for straightening or for curling your hair. This product is great because you can spray it on your hair before you curl it and it will help give the hair structure like a hair spray would. The catch is this product will NOT make your hair crunchy like a hair spray would. I’ve been using this product since it came out and I love it. Highly recommended.

Flat Iron: This is the only tool I use which is not a Paul Mitchell. I use a Remington. This is a great flat iron! I purchased it for $50.00 from Target and could not be happier. Earlier this spring my flat iron died on me after 4 year and I decided to repurchase the Remington. This is also another product I highly recommend.

I hope this was helpful information and I hope this is what you were looking for as far as my hair care routine. If not please comment below to give me a more specific idea of what you would like me to cover.

IMPORTANT: as far as I know I have one more blog request to write and this one is about my general daily routine. By mistake if I have missed your request please add a comment below with your request one more time. I keep a list but I could have missed it. I apologize in advance if I have missed your request. I will add it to my list and get to it as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding!

I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk to you in my next post. And remember, nice girls always finish first!


Blog Request: Tips on curling your hair

Hey how ya’ll doin?

Hahaaa! Hey everyone! I am aware that is not correct grammar and I’m sure your saying “BrittneeNoel what are you thinking about starting a blog that way?” Well it is a joke between my mom and I and I know she will get a kick out of it! That one’s for you mom!

A long, long time ago (if you can count June 11th as a long, long time ago) a reader asked me to talk about tips on curling hair. So here we go…

- Use a heat protector before you dry your hair. This is not a necessary step but I encourage it to keep your hair healthy!

- Section your hair off so you can make sure you get all of your hair curled. I usually section my hair off into three sections (right, left and the back)

- Make sure you have a good curling iron. If you have a higher quality curling iron you will have more success when curling your hair. I use a Paul Mitchell and love it. The curling iron I use is clamp less.
- When you are ready to curl take a section of hair and spray it with a heat hold. I use Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell. This is great because it works like hair spray but does NOT make your hair crunchy like a hair spray.

- Take this section and split it into about 2 inch sections and start curling. After you have finished the bottom section repeat these steps until you have curled all of your hair.

I have noticed the key to curling my hair is to not hold it on the iron for a long time. Less time is more! If the curl is not the way you want it you can always re-curl that piece of hair. I have also noticed I like my hair to be “dirty” to curl it. By dirty I mean the day after I wash it. My hair seems to hold curl better when it is not freshly washed.

I hope these few small tips will help you out the next time you curl your hair. Do you have any tips you would like to share with the readers? If so please leave them in the comments below. And remember, nice girls always finish first!


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Blog Request: Exercise tips, Healthy eating & How to staying in shape

Hey Nice girls.

At the beginning on the summer I received a blog request for exercise tips, healthy eating and tips on staying in shape. Please keep in mind that I am not expert in working out, eating healthy or staying in shape but I do know what works for me!

I try to stay active as much as I can. When I am at school I have cheer practice 2 times a week and I also cheer a game about once a week depending on our schedule. Along with practice I am required to work out to keep my strength and endurance up for the team. I will work out 2-3 times a week. I usually run and do some strength training afterwards.

I really enjoy working out with my Jillian Michaels DVD’s. Click here to view my Jillian Michaels DVD review blog. These are great workouts and I promise they will kick your butt into shape. Although they are short, sweet and to the point they are tough! If you keep up with it, believe in yourself and work hard you will see results.

I am the queen of junk food! I love candy, chips and everything unhealthy. With that being said I have learned that portion control is key! Don’t be afraid to have your favorite treats, just eat them in moderation. I have also learned to slow down when I am eating. I used to be a fast eater. I would go to lunch with my mom and by the time I was done with my meal she was only half way done with hers. Eating fast caused me to eat the entire meal and feel extremely full. By slowing down I no longer eat everything brought to me at a restaurant, I don’t have that “I may need to undo the top button of my jeans” feeling and I feel healthier because I know I did not over eat.

I also eat a lot of fruit! Grapes, watermelon and blueberries are just a few of my favorites. These are great snacks that taste good and are also good for you! Try finding healthy foods you really enjoy so you will not be tempted to grab the bag of chips the next time you open your kitchen cabinet.

I love to visit and read the information /articles on Here you can find fun work outs, great tips, healthy recipes and fun music suggestions to keep you motivated as you workout.

Feel free to let me know what you do to live a healthy lifestyle I would love to read about it in the comments below. Today is going to be another hot one so drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and if you are outside take frequent shade breaks! Enjoy this fabulous Friday! And remember, nice girls always finish first!


Blog Request: Summer clothing/makeup looks and traveling must haves

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to try and catch up on some blog requests. If I have not gotten to yours yet please be patient with me while I sort through them all. Today’s request included 3 questions: 1. what are your favorite summer time looks, 2. what are your favorite summer time make up looks and 3. When traveling what are your top must haves when packing?

I have a variety of things I love to wear in the summer however this summer I have been reaching for sun dresses. Dresses have been my top pick because they are light, cool and fun. You can be casual in a sundress or you can dress it up with a fun pair of heels. Sundresses are great to wear to a concert, a graduation party or even just relaxing around the house. You can never go wrong with a sundress!

In the summer I really like to tone it down in the makeup department. I am not a fan of feeling like my makeup is sweating off of my face while I am enjoying the sunshine. Recently I have been only wearing foundation, mascara, blush and a highlighter when I am wearing my contacts. If I am wearing my glasses for the day I will wear foundation, eyeliner, blush and a highlighter. I skip out on mascara on the days I wear my glasses because I hate the feeling of my eyelashes touching the inside of my glasses… I think it tickles. This has been my go to look all summer. It’s fun, simple and it looks great!

Traveling! Who doesn’t love a good get away? I know I would love to have had the chance to take a relaxing vacation this summer. The closest thing I have found to a beach this summer is my grandma’s pool in southern Ohio. I am driving down this weekend and I cannot wait to lay by the pool! I can’t really say what my top must haves are. I usually tend to pack the same basic products everywhere I go. However if I am flying somewhere I will pack my iPod, and a book for the plane. Sometimes I will pack my DVD player. It just all depends on how long the flight is. This seems like such a generic answer but I have never noticed myself taking the same things everywhere I go unless it is the basic hair care, toothpaste, body wash and contact solution type of products.

What are your favorite summer time clothing and makeup looks? Leave a comment below talking about the item you always take with you on a trip. I will post the top 2 most creative items someone always packs in their suitcase in my next blog post, so make sure to leave your name with the comment!

I hope you are enjoying the summer! It is going to be over before we know it! Also feel free to leave a blog request! And remember, Nice Girls always finish first!