Brittnee you have been randomly chosen to...

Hey everyone!!

What a great first day back to BW yesterday.  I’m excited to say I really like all of my classes I am taking this semester.  The day started off great with Business Ethics, Accounting, and then International marketing and I ended the day with line dancing. 

Line dancing was by far the best class of the day. In class we learned two line dances.  Being a cheerleader for many years helped me to pick up on the dances quickly so I was able to dance and have fun instead of concentrating on the dance itself.  This was a great way to end the day.  I am looking forward to Wednesday and the next set of dances I will learn. 

Besides line dancing I think I am really going to enjoy my international marketing class.  I am 
really looking forward to learning how different cultures market their products and how they react to marketing in general.  I think it will be a great class to continue learning about and exploring diversity. 

Side note: This morning I woke up to an email from BW saying I was randomly selected as a senior to participate in an assessment test.  Of course I do not have a choice but to take this test because they will not allow me to schedule for second semester if I fail to not show up to take this assessment. The email says I am not being graded or assessed but BW as an institution is being assessed.  I had to laugh because I’m not sure if I am the best candidate to be taking the assessment because I cannot take a standardized test to save my life.  I apologize for my score now BW… maybe you should have checked out my ACT score before you “randomly” selected me. Bahahaha!

I am patiently waiting for an exciting email and I cannot wait to blog about this fabulous opportunity I am taking part in.  Hopefully I will get the email today or tomorrow and I’ll be able to post about it.  It will be a Nice Girl post so check back for it!

I hope classes are going great, you are having fun, believing in yourself and remembering nice girls always finish first!


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