Hair style of the day: I have a knot in my hair!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween weekend!  Sadly I was on duty all weekend and did not get to enjoy any Halloween festivities.  I did however get to watch Paranormal activity 2 with a friend.  I thought it was quite funny because I have seen the movie before and she hasn't so I knew when all the "scary" parts were coming up.  I was nice though. I told her when something was getting ready to happen.  What a nice RA friend I am! Haha.  

I started the outfit of the day post a few weeks ago and I want to add a little more fashion fun to my blog by showing you how I wear my hair every once in a while.

Today I have my hair in a low side pony.  BUT!  it is a knotted side pony tail.  This a fun way to do a low pony tail!  I found this idea while i was searching around on Pinterest for fun ideas.  Take a look at the pictures I took of what my hair looks like today.

This is a simple way to rock cute hair when you are not in the mood to straighten or curl your hair.   I had no motivation to do anything to my hair this morning.  Haha

This is what the knot looks like up close.  The messier the knot the better.  Messy is KEY!  :)   
Here are the picture by picture directions on how to accomplish this hair style.  The picture was found on Pinterest 

I hope you will give this fun hair style a try the next time you are not in the morning hair mood!  Let me know in the comments below if you like the "Hair style of the day" posts and also what you think of this unique pony tail.  

Halloween makes me wish I was a little kid again all dressed up ready to run around the neighborhood for trick or treat!  Have a safe and fun Halloween nice girls.  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


Winter must haves

Hey Nice Girls!

With winter approaching faster then we want it to, I made a list of winter must haves so I can remind myself what to get and also give you suggestions on staying warm and healthy this winter.

Some of these things you may already have, so this could be a reminder to pull them out of storage to prepare for the…. SNOW! I just cried a little typing that word—gahh!! Also, did you know it is supposed to snow within the next few days here in Ohio? At least that is what my mom told me! Hopefully the weatherman and my mom are wrong!

I thought this was cute and I wanted to share it!  Be prepared the snow is coming soon!

Here is my list of winter must-haves:

~ Moisture shampoo and conditioner- It is important to take care of your hair in the winter. With the cold weather there usually is not much moisture in the air so make sure you are adding moisture to your hair to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

~ Face/ Hand Lotion- Make sure you have a good face moisturizer and hand lotion to keep your skin looking smooth. No one wants dry and cracked alligator skin.

~ Slipper Socks- LOVE THESE! I wear them everywhere I can. Most likely if you see me wearing Uggs, I have slipper socks on inside because I like my feet to be warm. These are fun because you can buy them in fun colors and designs. If you are like me and hate to have cold feet when you sleep, these are perfect to wear to bed. I usually wake up with one sock off. Who knows how I kick them off during the night.

~ Slippers- everyone loves a great pair of slippers to walk around in while you are in the house. Keep your toes warm. Don’t neglect them!

~ Flannel PJ’s- my favorite PJ’s are the ones with feet. I’m sure I would look really silly running around my dorm in footed PJ’s but I would do it because they are so fun!

~ Flannel sheets- My grandma is known for her flannel sheets in the winter. I love to stay the night at her house when it is cold out because I love how warm the flannel sheets are. If you get hot when you sleep I would not recommend wearing flannel pj’s to bed if your bed has flannel sheets.

~Warm apple cider, hot chocolate or coffee which ever you prefer

~ Warm boots- Remember to take good care of your Ugg boots and not wear them in the snow. If you have old Ugg’s wear these instead of your good ones. Keep your good ones in the box so the salt does not ruin them.

~ A cute hat or headband to keep your ears toasty- I have been dying to wear my earmuffs!

~ Small snow shovel in your trunk in case the city decides to plow your car in or for you BW students in case B&G decides to not be considerate and plow our cars into the parking lot like they do every year.

~ Ice scraper- I used mine on Tuesday because the ice was so thick on the windshield of my car from the frost. I hate to scrap my windows. This made me miss living at home because my dad will normally scrap them before he goes to work in the morning. I wonder if I can convince him to drive to BW in the mornings to make sure my window is clear.

I hope this list of items helped to jog your memory of the things you need to remember to get out of storage for the upcoming winter months. I’m sitting at work today with my coat on because I am so cold. Hopefully my work will decide to crank up the heat soon so I do not turn into an ice cube.

Leave your comments below and have a great Thursday! Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first!


Guest Post: Momma Snyder and some interesting scents

Hey Nice Girls!

I am crazy busy today so I asked my mom to write a guest post so you can get your Nice Girl fix for the day.  I hope you enjoy her funny and entertaining post!  Make sure you leave her some comments, I know she would love to hear what you all have to say!  Enough chit chat from me!  Enjoy my moms wittiness! 

Have you ever smelled something that invokes a thought or memory?  I know you think I’m crazy but just follow me here a second.  I’m talking about one of those familiar scents that take you back to a certain place or time.   The smell of fall in air and the crisp leaves underfoot got me thinking about other smells that remind me of something particular.

Like crayons.  Crayons have a unique waxy scent that when combined with the smell of the paper wrapper that surrounds them is so distinctively childlike and almost heartwarming.  I remember this big box from when I was a kid where my sister and I kept all of our crayons.  There was no lid on the box so whenever you were within a few feet of it, the aroma from the crayons beckoned you to sit and color a while.  I think the box was burgundy but I can’t be sure because the box was completely covered in scribbles inside and out.  I guess we used the box to test the color of the crayon before using it on our drawing.   Silly kids.  The color of the crayon is the color of the crayon.  (Does that makes sense?)

And then there is the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.  I use a mechanical pencil most of the time now so I don’t get to enjoy this memory often but freshly sharpened pencils remind me of my 8th grade English teacher.  She was obsessed with sharp, straight lines when we would divide up the sentences.  What’s that called?  8th grade was a long time ago.

There are a lot of great smells coming up.  The smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking and pumpkin pies baking in the oven almost gives me that sleepy feeling you get after eating turkey.  Soon the scent of freshly cut pine trees will fill the air as folks decorate their homes for the holidays.  I hate the smell of pine but I do love the non-scent of my artificial tree.  What familiar smells do you enjoy?   Bacon frying on the stovetop, cinnamon rolls baking in the oven…why are most of my smells from food?  I’m hungry.  I think I’ll go eat lunch.


Remember to take a second and leave her a comment.  Her name is Dian if you would like to directly write to her!  If you are interested in writing a guest post on my blog enter the spotlight contest!  All entries are due to me on Monday 10-31-11.  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Much love from my crazy paper writing day,

Random Randomness

Hey Nice Girls,

Today’s post is silly and fun. Over the past few weeks I have been keeping a list of random thoughts I have had in the morning from the time I wake up until I am sitting at my desk at my internship (time frame: 6-8am). Hopefully you will find my randomness entertaining on this I-should-still-be-in-bed-because-it-was-so-cold-out-at-7am Tuesday.

~ I work in Cube city. My cube, Brittnee Square, is located on the corner of Main Street (the main aisle) and Sales Blvd (the sales row). In my cube I have two computer monitors, a phone and a cute pink piggy bank. I was convinced the piggy had a camera in it the day a random co-worker came over and just plopped it down beside me. Needless to say, I turned it around to face the cube wall.

~ Always be nice to the sales people that call you on the phone. I’m aware this is ANNOYING but you never know if it is a hard working intern on the other end just trying to get experience for their resume. Like me! I wish I could say “Hi this is Brittnee the intern. Please be nice to me while I bug you for 2 minutes.” However, I’m pretty sure my boss would not appreciate the humor.

~ I have a serious problem getting out the door everyday because I can never decide on my accessories—this necklace or that necklace, belt or no belt—I’m not sure I can blame being late on my addiction to accessories, but I can blame it on my mom for instilling an accessories problem within me. Apparently it runs in the family—maybe we should seek accessory therapy?

~ Should I match my travel mug to my outfit?

~ The other day I wore a great pay of shoes to work and did not want the cement in the parking lot to ruin them so I wore flip flops into the office to save my shoes. However, this great idea to wear flip flops into the office did a nose dive into the ground. I walked right past the “big boss man” with my flip flops on. He looked slightly confused as to why I was walking into the office without proper footwear. I felt like I needed to explain that I had fabulous shoes in my bag but I did not want to take the chance to ruin them outside, but he’s a guy… I really didn’t think he would understand. To make up for my awkward encounter with the boss man, I was up walking around a lot hoping to run into him again so he could see that I actually had fabulous shoes on.

~ Every time I get to a certain red light near the office I frantically start flipping through my Ipod to find a fun song to give me the energy I need to make it through the morning. The song depends on my mood for the day of course. If I am in a happy go lucky mood I will go for something like “Perfect Day” by Hoko (the song from Legally Blonde). If I am a crab in the morning I will go for something like “Here’s a quarter Call someone who cares” By Travis Tritt. If I am tired and barely holding my eyes open I’ll turn to Michael Buble. Any of his songs will do.

~ Every morning on the way out the door to my car there seems to be the same guy standing the in the doorway waiting to get into my building. I have come to realize he does not live there but his girlfriend does. So I nicely smile and continue my way out the door.

~ I also always race the car next to me at the Turnpike booth. I like to be the first one out of the gate. I swear if I had a faster car maybe a Chevelle or a Grand National I would be able to win every morning. I’ll have to have some type of negotiation with big Bob (my dad) to see if I can convince him to buy me a sports car.

These are just some fun and silly things that I have thought about or have encountered over the past few weeks on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s either at work or on the morning drive to work. Do you have any random thoughts in the morning? I would love to hear about them in the comments below. Please leave a blog request or two as well. I am going through a blog request withdrawal because no one is leaving any and I love to hear from my readers.

Have a terrific Tuesday! Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Love from cube city,


Video Blog: October Favorites


I hope you enjoy my latest video blog for my October favorites!  Enjoy and don't forget to leave your comments below!

Happy Monday!  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember nice girls always finish first!


New Heels: Steve Madden Partyy- R Platforms

Hey Nice Girls.  

Today I bought a fabulous new pair of Steve Madden Platforms!  And when I say fabulous, I mean FABULOUS!  I purchased the Steve Madden Partyy- R Platforms in black satin.

Shoe information-  The heel is 5 inches with a 1 inch platform.  If you think about it you are walking on about 4 inches of fabulousness! (I'm aware this is not a word, but these shoes deserve their own word.)  The shoes also come in pink satin, blue satin and champagne satin.  The rhinestones on the heel are aurora borealis and the great thing about these shoes is that they come with 3 extra rhinestones just in case you need to replace one.  

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes I would highly recommend these.  They are easy to walk in and make your feet look great.  I have two pieces of advice about these shoes or any high heels: first, when you try them on make sure you walk on the carpet and also on the tile floor in the store.  You want to make sure you are able to walk properly.  No ones likes to walk in heels that are too high for them. Secondly, never wear these shoes outside if it is raining or snowing because it will ruin the satin.  Take good care of them and they will take great care of your feet!  

I can bet your new shoes will be the center of attention if you decide to rock these to an event.  Do you have a great pair of heels in your closet?  I would love to see them.  Post a link in the comments below so I can check out your favorite pair of shoes.  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first.

Happy shoe shopping,

Nice Girl: Positively Positive

Hey Nice Girls!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you probably saw my status yesterday. I posted “Making today a great day regardless of the weather! Happy Wednesday.” One of the new members in my sorority commented stating “you are so optimistic… I need that to rub off on me! Haha”. Well Chelsie, congratulations you are the inspiration for today’s Nice Girl post.

For the past few weeks I have been making a life style change. I have been working out more, eating healthy and trying to have a more positive attitude about everything I do. I can tell you I have truly seen a difference in the past few weeks. I have been sleeping better, I’m not as stressed and I feel great. My glass is definitely half full.

I came across this quote while searching around on pinterest last night.

I believe you should live your life by this quote. Make the best of every situation, every rainy day and every bad hair day. I have learned there is no reason to cry over spilled milk, just clean it up and pour yourself another glass. If you laugh instead of cry, if you dance in the rain and if you wear a hat on a bad hair day you will feel much better. Try not to stress over something you cannot control. Just make the best of everything that is thrown your way. Everything happens for a reason and in the end, you will be a stronger person because of your experiences.

So I challenge you to bring out the beauty in your ugliest days. I challenge you to wear a hat on a bad hair day, laugh instead of cry and dance in the rain. How are you going to look at today? Are you going to put a smile on your face and set out to conquer the world? I think you should and I know you can.

Let me know in the comments below of how you are going to stay positive today, and tell me about a time you brought out the beauty in an ugly day, I would love to hear about it. I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. I know I am. Enjoy your weekend. I hope it will be full of relaxation. Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be You, and remember, nice girls always finish first.

Much love,


Outfit of the day: Rainy day attire

 Hey Nice Girls!

In honor of this wacky weather we have been having, I put together an outfit-of-the-day for a rainy day.  The picture shows the accessories for a rainy day but not an actual outfit.  

 Everyone should have three things on a rainy day.  One, the perfect umbrella.  People tend to make fun of my umbrella because it looks like a dome.  However, I can tell you I have yet to walk in the rain and be wet when I have this umbrella.  The best thing about the dome shape is that the wind cannot get underneath and blow it upside down.  If you are tired of your upside down umbrella then head to Target for a new umbrella.  I bought mine at Target a few years ago for just under $20.00 and I know they still have them.  

Second, every girl deserves a pair of fabulous rain boots.  I love mine!  Mine were a Christmas gift from my grandma a few years ago and they are great!  I have sock-like inserts in mine which are great.  The inserts extend the life of your rain boots into colder months.  You can wear them in the snow and your feet do not get cold.  They are a great investment if you wear your rain boots as snow boots.  

And lastly a nice girl should have a fun, cute jacket to sport.  I bought mine this past weekend at Maurices.  Click "I must have this jacket" and the link will take you to the Maurices' homepage.  This jacket is fun because you can tie the belt all kinds of different ways.  I am a huge fan of the "half bow" right now which is how I have the belt tied in the picture.  Another great thing about this jacket is that it flairs out at the bottom.  This is super fun and girly.   

I would most likely wear a cute top and a pair of skinny jeans on a day like this.  Skinny jeans are the best kind to wear with your rain boots because you can tuck your pants into the boots.  However, I did wear sweats and a pair of old Uggs today.  BAD IDEA!  My feet were freezing because they were soaked!  That outfit was not rain friendly.  I do not recommend it. :)   What do you typically wear on a rainy day?  As much as I love to wear sweats like I did today, I would have felt much better in a cute outfit.

On a side note, I want to start vlogging again but I need your help.  In the comments below please give me an idea of something you would like to see in a vlog.  Hair tutorial, makeup tutorial, monthly favorites, room tour-- anything really just give me a request and I'll see what I can do. 

I hope you were able to make this dreary day a positive one.  I found today to be really productive. 

Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


Blog Request: Halloween Costumes

Hey Nice girls!

I received a blog request a few days ago for ideas on nice girl approved Halloween costumes. It can be extremely hard to find costumes that are appropriate. I have a few ideas on how to take a costume that may be on the “hoochie momma” (haha) side of Halloween and make it nice girl approved.

How to make a costume appropriate:

Problem: My dress/ skirt are way too short!
Solution: Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of leggings under your outfit. Judging by Ohio weather it will most likely be cold on Halloween. The leggings will keep you warm and cover your booty. If your outfit comes with fishnets, replace them with opaque tights. This will help to tone down the outfit and make it more appropriate.

Problem: My outfit is low cut!
Solution: Wear a Cami! Go through your dresser drawers and pull out a colored cami that matches your outfit. This will help to conceal the low cut top and make you feel more comfortable.

Problem: I cannot find a costume that I will feel comfortable in!
Solution: Design your own costume! Bring out your creative side and hit the craft store, the thrift store or even the dollar store and find materials to make your own. When I was in 8th grade I was a jack in the box. My mom and I took and old box painted it to look like the outside of a jack in the box. I painted my face to match the character on the inside and I found a joker costume at the party store. This was a fun and unique costume that was appropriate and I also felt comfortable in it.

Problem: I am not creative to design my own but I want an appropriate costume.
Solution: Look in the kids section of the party store for a costume that may fit you. Even though you may think these costumes will be to small grab the biggest size and slip it on. You never know until you try it on. This is a great way to find a costume that is fun and appropriate and suitable to fit your classy tastes.

Costume ideas:
1. Find a well known commercial character… for example: Flo from the Progressive commercials.

2. Royal Wedding. Wear an old wedding dress and rock a sapphire on your ring finger

3. Dress up as your favorite movie. For example, I would dress up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I have actually done this before. I wore a pink dress and carried a pink bag with a stuffed dog, and of course I had on pink heels.

4. Be a Disney character. This is always a fun and appropriate way to dress up.

5. Grab a friend and dress up as each other. My parents went to a Halloween party this past Saturday. They didn’t dress up but had the idea to dress up as each other. My dad would dress up as my mom and vice versa.

I hope this helped to give you an idea on how to enjoy Halloween while feeling comfortable. What are you going as for Halloween? I would love to hear your costume ideas in the comments below. Also, don’t forget about the Spotlight contest. Click HERE to read the rules and regulations for the contest. It only takes a few seconds to enter and I would love to read your entry. I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday and remember, nice girls always finish first.


It's your time to SHINE!

Hey Nice girls!

Are you an avid nice girl reader? Do you believe you are a true nice girl? If so, I want to spotlight you on my blog. I am looking to update the spotlight tab and I would love to give one of you the opportunity to shine on my page.

The girl I am looking for is a true nice girl. She is positive, caring, kind, hopeful, helpful, understanding, fierce and of course FABULOUS!

If you are chosen to be the first spotlighted reader on my page you will have the opportunity to:

      - ** Write a guest blog on my page on a topic of your choice as long as it is nice girl approved!!!**

      - Be featured for the month of November on the spotlight page,

      - And write a short Bio about yourself and answer a few all about me nice girl questions so the other readers and myself can get to know you better.

Here’s how you enter:

      - Send me an email: You must include your name, the reason you continue to follow my blog and a few sentences about the things you have done to live the lifestyle of a nice girl. The deadline to enter is October 31, 2011. I must have your entry by 11:59pm eastern time.

      - If you are not able to send an email, feel free to leave a comment below with all the necessary information listed above. Don’t forget to include your name in the entry.

I am super excited about this so I hope a lot of you will take an interest in the opportunity and submit an entry. I plan to continue the spotlight contest as long as this round is a success.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday and remember, nice girls always finish first.


Outfit of the Day: 10/11/11

                                            Hey Nice Girls!

I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday so far, I know I am! I was out shopping again this weekend and I picked up a new skirt and top for my internship and I decided to wear my new outfit today. I do not have a picture of myself with this outfit on, however picture of the skirt and top are shown on the left side.   

I have the shirt tucked into the skirt because of the cute buttons on the front of the skirt and I am wearing black heels from Kohl’s (I believe these are on sale right now for $30.00). I love these black heels! They are simple, comfortable and will look great on anyone.  Click here to visit these cute shoes!

Is this a post you would like to see more often? Do you have a great idea for a post? Let me know in the comments below!

Be fierce, be fabulous and remember nice girls always finish first.


Fall Fashion--Purple and Red?

Hey Nice Girls… Happy Fall!

Long time no blog…! I apologize for neglecting all of for the past month, but things have been crazy with classes, sorority recruitment and everything else that keeps popping up that needs my immediate attention. With that being said I have finally found sometime to sneak in a quick blog post. Today’s post is inspired by my outfit. :)

Did you know two of the biggest colors this fall are purple and red? I was recently out shopping with my mom at Express and little did I know how much of a fall fashion these colors have become. One of the mannequins in Express was rocking red dress pants with a purple and red top. I personally was a little hesitant to even think about putting purple and red together in the same outfit, but I knew I had to have those red pants. Unfortunately, I hated the way the red pants fit, but I did love the purple and red color combination. I ended up purchasing a red cami, a purple mesh sweater, a bracelet, a necklace and a scarf for the days when I do not feel like wearing a necklace with the outfit. I must say this has been one of my go to outfits for this fall.

Today I am wearing black dress pants, a red cami and a purple zip-up short sleeved sweater and of course I am rocking my black heels with the red peep toe. I also have on the bracelet from Express that has the colors purple, red and black in it. My advice for the fall is to BE BOLD, FABULOUS, and ROCK GREAT OUTFITS! Wear color combinations no one would think of and feel good about your adventurous side.

A quick Nice Girl reminder: It is way past Labor Day ladies, so remember to tuck away your white pants, dresses, skirts and heels until Memorial Day weekend.

Another reminder, although I may not be posting as much I still check my blog and my email daily. If you have a blog request, a question or just want to say Hi please feel free to comment below or send an email because I love to hear from you and I will respond. :)

I wish you all the best of luck to find bold and fun colors to rock this season. I hope you are enjoying this lovely Fall weather we are finally having. Take pictures of the leaves changing and drink some hot apple cider. Smile, relax and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Much Love,