Blog Request: Hair and Makeup Tips

Happy 2011 Nice Girls! Thanks to an anonymous nice girl fan we are starting this year off with a blog request. Let’s make you look fierce and fabulous for this new year with great hair and makeup tips. Please keep in mind throughout this blog I will be talking about hair and makeup tips that work great for me. I understand not all of these will work for everyone, but maybe you can tweak my tips and make them work for you.

It should not come as a surprise to know I baby my hair. By this I mean I take really good care of it. I hope these hair tips will help keep your hair looking healthy.

If at all possible, avoid putting your hair up into a ponytail while it is wet. Most people have heard about dry hair breaking off in a ponytail, but it is important to remember your hair is fragile when wet and should be dry before placing it into a ponytail.

If any of you girls are like me you probably dry, straighten or curl your hair at least once a day. Using a heat protectant on your hair is one of the best things you can do to keep your hair looking nice. I recommend using a heat protectant before you dry your hair and then again before you either straighten or curl your hair. I use Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine on my hair before I blow dry my hair. I also use Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press before I straighten or curl my hair. I love Paul Mitchell products on my hair, but any thermal protectant will do. Additionally, heat is not good for your hair and I am sure you already know this. Try turning down the heat on your flat iron or curling iron. This will help to reduce split ends and the frequency of haircuts because the ends of your hair are a hot mess. Trust me I have been there and I now have turned down the temperature on my hair tools. An easy no-cost way to reduce heat damage is to allow your hair to air dry for a bit before going at it with the dryer. The less wet your hair is when you start to dry it, the less time you will have to expose your hair to the heat of the dryer.

For you girls who color your hair… I of course fall in this category as well. Don’t wash your hair every day. I bet you are thinking, “Brittnee, eewwwww!” Well let me tell you my little secret. I wash my hair every other or every two days. This is because the day I wash my hair it is too soft and does nothing! Day two and day three are definitely fabulous hair days. If you are worried about the oils in your hair building up try a dry shampoo or baby powder, both work great. I have trained my hair to be able to be washed every other day or every two. Your hair and scalp will adjust too and I promise once you have trained your hair you will never regret it! You will have more time to yourself and less time in front of the mirror blow drying and damaging your hair.

My favorite part of the morning is putting on my makeup. I do not share this secret with too many people, but it is time to reveal my biggest makeup secret of all time! Don’t laugh at me because I promise once you try this you will fall in love baby shampoo. Baby shampoo… yes I really said baby shampoo. Try washing your face with a baby shampoo to remove your makeup before washing your face. You can wipe around your eyes and the shampoo does not irritate your eyes and it’s gentle on your skin. After you have done this then use makeup remover or a makeup wipe to get any remaining eye makeup off.

This tip comes from my lovely mother. She told me this for years and I finally started listening. Nice girls I am here to tell you to wear an SPF every day! Yes I said every day. Even when it is -50 degrees outside. Here are my suggestions, purchase an unscented sunscreen to put on under your foundation, or try purchasing a moisturizer with an SPF in it and put the moisturizer on before your foundation. You can also buy a foundation with an SPF in it. I did and I love it. I put my moisturizer on in the morning and then my foundation on over top. I don’t have to worry about the sun getting to my face because I know it is protected. I promise you will never regret doing this.

This is the last tip because this blog is getting away from me. I apologize for the length but this is all important information I want to tell you. CLEAN YOURMAKEUP BRUSHES! This is important so you are not mixing colors and also to keep your skin clear of any impurities. The same baby shampoo which you are now using on your face can deep clean your brushes. You should deep clean them once a week and spot clean once a day with brush cleanser. I use the brush cleanser from MAC and it seems to do a good job on my brushes. The cleaner your brushes, the cleaner your skin will be.

I hope these tips are helpful and useful. Please come back and leave me a comment if you have tried any of these and let me know how it worked for you. I look forward to writing more blog requests for you in the near future. The next request will be on my daily hair routine and I will reveal even more secrets on how I look my best every day!

Have a fabulous week and remember, Nice Girls always finish first.