Nice Girl: Is it more important to be honest or loyal?

Hey Everyone.

It has been awhile since I have posted a real “Nice Girl” post. The last one I posted was “I challenge you to... SMILE. If you are nice girl reader you know I love to write about everything under the sun. However, you may not know my favorite posts are the one where I talk about a small gesture, providing motivation to you and talking things I have learned over the years. While I was searching for a new and fun blog to write about (my creativity is just not working today) I came across this questions. “Is it more important to be honest or loyal?” I knew as soon as I read the question I was going to make it the next “Nice Girl” post.

To me being honest is always telling the truth, being sincere and genuine. An honest person is trustworthy, responsible and reliable. Loyal means to be faithful to your commitments and obligations. Together an honest and loyal person is trustworthy, responsible, reliable, faithful and committed.

This question is a simple one. I truly believe being honest and being loyal go hand in hand. I think you cannot be loyal without being honest and I think you cannot be honest without being loyal. Think about it for a second. If you are a loyal friend or family member you are always honest. You tell the truth no matter the circumstances. And if you are an honest person you are always loyal to those you love and care about. You are committed to helping in any way you can and you are always true to your word. Although it may be hard to tell the truth and always be honest in the end you are a better person for it. Do your best to be true to yourself, friends and family. Find friends you know you can count on and always remember your family.

What do you think? Is it more important to be honest or loyal? Or do you think they go hand in hand? Let me know in the comments below.

Be loyal, be honest, be a friend, be committed and faithful. And remember, nice girls always finish first.


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Anonymous said...

I also think that the two of these go hand in hand! It may be very hard to always do both of these things all the time espacially if you feel as though it may hurt your loved ones feelings, but in the end it is always worth it! No matter how hard it is to do one must always strive to do and be both of these!

P.S. I have been addicted to Pintrest ever since you told me about it! there are so many craft and food things I want to do!! lol thanks for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello nice girl! :) I was wondering if we could get your opinion on this years fall must haves (what every nice girl should have) Have a great day!! :)