Resident Assistant, A new School year, and another injury

Hey Nice girls!

Long time no see! It has been forever since I have written a blog. I have no excuses, I just have not written one.

Summer left just as fast as it came. Today ended summer 2010 for me. Classes started bright and early this morning at 8:15am. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I BrittneeNoel would have a class earlier than 10am. NEW FLASH BRITTNEE…. You do! I decided last night I would set my alarm for 6:50am to ensure I was able to snooze my alarm twice and still be up by 7. Well, I snoozed a third time, not to worry though I was ready to go with time to spare this morning. I have high expectations for what this school year has in store for me. I have been dreading this day for as long as I can remember, but now that it is here I am just making the best of it.

With a new school year brings fall weather, with fall weather comes UGG Boots! I can’t wait to slip on my Uggs and have warm feet all day long! Ugg season is my favorite! Most people put away their winter clothing and shoes and wait for summer and sunshine to arrive, well so do I. BUT I must say I put my clothes away and secretly await the cool ugg weather to approach again!

On another note I’m and RA this year. What a great experience so far! I have met so many wonderful people and I love the other staff in my building. I couldn’t have asked for a better group people to work with. Training kicked my butt though. The days were long and there was more information than a person could ever dream of comprehending. I have been looking for to tomorrow for close to two weeks now because I get to sleep in! I don’t have classes on Tuesdays and I only have a night class on Thursday giving me the whole day to do what I need to do. Hopefully I will be spending that time shopping…. I mean studying!

I am sad to report I have received another injury doing what I love. Cheerleading seems to have it out for me these past few months. Last year it was a broken rib and 8 weeks of rest. This year it is a back injury. I am going to the doctor today so I really don’t know what the correct diagnosis is. What I can tell you is that I have a bump on/near my spine in my lower back, which is extremely painful. I am hoping it is just a bruise and not anything to serious. I will find out today though. I am almost positive I can predict the words that will come out of my doctor’s mouth… you were just hurt, maybe cheering isn’t a good idea anymore. Although I will shake my head and agree with her, we all know that I love to cheer!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! And remember, nice girls always finish first!