Ponytail Wednesday: Ponytail Damage

Happy Ponytail Wednesday!

Have you ever held up a mirror to the back of your hair?  No? You should try it!  

By looking at the back of your hair you might see a line of breakage that roughly coincides with where your hair tie lays then your hair is in a ponytail.  This comes from your workout ponytail, your "I'm having a bad hair day ponytail" or from falling asleep with your hair up.  

Try these few suggestions to help avoid ponytail breakage: 

1. Purchase hair ties that are soft and non-damaging.  Stay clear of metal fastenings.  

2. Move your ponytail around.  High, middle, low or a messy bun.  By alternating the placement of your hair tie the breakage should not be as noticeable.  

3. If you wear a ponytail to bed use scrunchies.  I know everyone out there still has a few of them laying around their room somewhere.  These are much softer and will not be as harsh on your hair.  

4. You can also loosen your ponytail.  This will also help avoid damage.

I hope these few tricks will help you save your hair and help get rid of any ponytail damage that you may have.  

Have a great rest of your Wednesday.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!



Nail Art: The Glitz, The Glitter & The Glam!

Good morning and happy Monday! 

I hope everyone has a fun filled week ahead of them.  Today's post is all about {The Glitz, Glitter & Glam} of nail art!  

I love looking at nail art.  To be honest, one of the only reasons I follow a few people on Instagram is because of their nail art pictures.  Some people are so talented when it comes to nail art.  I wish I had the patience and the knowledge to know how to do great nail art.  Shout out to everyone who is talented in nail art- maybe you could give me a few tips!  

Here are a few pictures that have caught my eye over the last few weeks. 
** disclaimer: These pictures are NOT mine.  See captains of each picture if you are looking for the owner.** 

{Instagram User: rockglam}
I love the base color in this picture.  However, this picture made it into my post today because of the sparkle and shine.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the glitter top coat on this nail.  

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}
Now if you are anything like me, this nail stands out to you because of the PINK!  My only {issue} with this nail is that I personally do not like a matte finish on my nails.  I like my nails to shine.  I plan to recreate this art on my own nails using a bright and shiny pink base coat.  

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}
What do you think of the new fashion trend of having one nail completely different than the others?  I for one LOVE IT!  As I am sitting her typing up this post I have a "stand out" nail.  I enjoy having something different on my nails instead of just a solid color.  I also like the "V" shape on the nails as well.  That may be a little more difficult to recreate but I'm going to give it a go! 

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}

These nails are simple yet exciting.  I love the basic base coat with a little flair of color on the tips.  I think these nails would be fun for someone who does not enjoy all over color but wants somethings different than the normal french manicure.  
{Instagram User: the_fashion_spot}

I love the mint green color on these nails.  If I were to decide to recreate these nails I would have to find a different color other than black.  I am not a huge fan of black nails.  I like to have bright, shiny and glittery nails.  Black would only work it is had some bling to it! :)

These next two sets of nails I think are great for Valentines Day or {single awareness day} which ever you prefer to celebrate.  ;)
{Instagram User: ayefashion}

I love this!  There is nothing better than pink and polka dots.  Recreating this nail will be a ton of fun!  I just need to invest in a white nail polish and a lot of patience!
{Become Gorgeous}

Now I know I said there is nothing better than pink and polka dots BUT adding hearts to the mix never hurt anyone.  I love these nails.  It might be fun to get together with your girlfriends, turn on your favorite movie and have a mani/pedi night.  With some extra help from a few friends I have no doubt that you can create a perfect heart on your nails.  

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  I would love to hear your feedback on these nails in the comments below.  Have a fabulous day and be sure to check back for Pony Tail Wednesday! 

Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


Project Organization: My Bathroom Cabinet!

Hey There!  Welcome back to my blog!

Can you think of a space in your house that you cannot seem to keep organized?  Maybe it is under your bed, your refrigerator or maybe your like me and you cannot seem to keep the underneath of your bathroom sink organized.  

Yesterday I purchased a few stackable baskets to hopefully help organize the small space beneath my bathroom sink.  

Take a look at my messy and unorganized cabinet before I cleaned it out today. 

{Left Side Before}
{Right Side Before}

 I know, I know- VERY MESSY!

Believe it or not I actually cleaned this out before and organized it a few months ago.  However, my "organizational system" was not working well for me.  I needed to dispose of a few outdated products and donate a few things to create a more usable space.

The baskets I purchased are from 5 Below.  I think I purchased them for around 3 bucks for a pack of 3.  I picked up 2 packs of baskets.

After some elbow grease and a little bit of my time this afternoon, I now have a new organization system!

{Left Side After}
{Right Side After}

 Much better if I do say so myself!!  I feel a million times better now that this small project is done and over with.  Is there a space in your home that you cannot seem to keep clean?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Blog requests are welcome.  However, please write your requests in a comment on my BLOG.  Please do not write them in a Facebook comment.  It is much easier for me to stay organized if everything is in one place.

Have a great night!  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!


Happy New Year!


With a new year comes new beginning and opportunities.  I’m sure there is a list sitting around your room somewhere with your new year resolutions on it.  Maybe it is crumbled in a ball, on the floor or maybe it is just a small list of goals in your head.  Either way I’m sure you have thought about something you want to change this year- I know I have. 

Happy New Year from my pink
little piggy calendar!
Last year I set {Beauty Resolutions} which I thought might be a fun change to the typical New Year’s resolutions I usually make and fail to keep up with.  I think the New Year snuck up on me this year because I have not thought about many things to list as my New Year’s resolutions. 

However, there are a few things that I want to get done this month and continue to keep up with. 

First, I want to clean out my medicine cabinet of all expired products.  There are a few things that need to go so I can be more organized with my products. 

Day 1 of my day by day show calendar!
Secondly, I want to continue to keep taking care of my skin.  I have been diligent with washing my face, moisturizing and then taking off my makeup again at night. I have seen a huge difference in the appearance of my skin in the past few weeks.    

Other than that I cannot think of anything that I want to {state in writing} that I want to do this year.  I usually do the whole “I want to lose weight, be healthier… blah blah blah”.  I’m sure some of you might have done the same thing- maybe even for 2013.  If so I wish you the best of luck.  I for one have never been able to keep up with those types of resolutions. 

What types of things are you planning to accomplish tomorrow, this month, this year?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.  Good Luck to everyone with your New Year’s resolutions/goals that you have set for yourself.  If you are diligent I know nothing will stand in your way of success!  Stay tuned for more blogs this month!

Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!