Summer Favorites

Hey there, hi there, how do you do?

It’s time for a FAVORITE’S blog! Many of you have told me you miss my monthly favorites so to make up for it I am doing a summer favorites post. I’m going to talk about my favorite foods, products, books, websites, hair and clothing for the summer. This is going to be a long one so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Food:  One of my favorite things about summer is fresh fruit.  I have really been enjoying blueberries, peaches and watermelon.  These are great healthy snacks that help fill you up and make you feel good.  I really enjoying have some type of fruit after a workout.  This allows me to have a snack but also reassures me I’m not ruining my workout.  I have also been enjoying bagel thins.  These are a great way to enjoy a sandwich and not feeling like you ate too much bread.  They only have 110 calories so they are on the healthier side.  I’m not a big sandwich fan but I do love a PB&J bagel sandwich.   With the heat this summer I have been reaching in the fridge for water a lot more than I normally do.  I feel like drinking water is the only way to make sure I am properly hydrated during the hot days.  If you don’t like the taste of water add a little flavor with a lemon, cucumber or mint.  This will help to tone down the boring taste of water.  My favorite treat this summer has been Jolly Ranchers.  These are great treats during the work day, after lunch or dinner and it also helps with my sweet tooth.  The cherry Jolly Ranchers are my favorite.

Books: If you are an avid nice girl you know how much I love to read. I love to curl up with a good book and read the day away. My two favorite books for this summer are Water for Elephants and 13 Reasons Why. These are great books and I highly recommend each of them. These books are page turners and I could not put them down. If you are going on a long car ride or traveling somewhere grab one of these books and before you know it you will be at your destination. Look out for the new post sequence I will be starting called “Book Nook”. I will talk about a recent book I read, a quote I enjoyed and the trouble I had learning to read and much, much more.

Clothing: As I have mentioned in past posts this summer I am in love with cute, fun summer dresses. These are a great way to stay cool. Sun dresses are great for any occasion- you can be casual with flip flops or be a little fancier with a cute pair of heels. Either way you will look and feel great!

Products: I’m in love with my Paul Mitchell clip less curling iron. However I do not enjoy the finger burns I usually get from holding the hair. If you are familiar with a clip less iron you know how close your fingers are to the heat. OUCH! But I love how my hair curls when I use a clip less iron. I have also been reaching for my Niva chapstick. With the summer sun and heat I have had really dry chapped lips. This chapstick is one of the best. I use the one in the royal blue tube it does not have SPF in it but it does the trick!

Websites: Check out for a blog about all things lovely. This is my favorite blog that I follow. Also check out my new obsession!

Hair: I love a side twist in my hair. This helps to hold my bangs out of my face and this is a quick and easy way to turn a boring pony tail into a cute hair style. I do not know how to french braid my hair so a side twist works great for me!

I hope this allows you to get your “fix” on my monthly favorites. I tried my best to incorporate all the products and other things I have been enjoying this summer. Hopefully I will have the time start up my monthly favorites again in September.

What are your summer favorites? Post your name and a link or your favorite product in the comments below and depending on how many comments there are I will do a post featuring your summer favorites. Remember to send in your blog requests and your ideas for future blogs. And remember, nice girls always finish first.



Anonymous said...

how do you do this side twist?!? i am not great at the french braid due to the fact that i just recently taught myself how to lol. but if you could explain this look a little more, i would LOVE it!! thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

one thing i have been loving this summer is not doing my hair! lol for work i have to have it pulled back usually so i just always wear a pony-tail. and most of this summer i have not been using much heat on my hair seems im always in a rush so do not have time to mess with my hair after a quick shower so i just wash it add some mouse and go lol and it actually looks pretty cute! and i love the no hassle of it lol

Anonymous said...

Some of my current summer favorites at the moment are:
1.)the Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush
2.)"It's a 10" miracle leave in product
3.)Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream
4.) Carmex Lip Balm, Strawberry Flavored SPF 15 .15 oz
5.) TRESemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Mousse
6.) McDonalds Extra Sweet Tea :)
7.)Sun Dresses