What I will miss most about home

Hey everyone. 

Tonight is my last night in my room, my shower, my bed and my house until I move home for winter break.  I come home a lot during the semester but it is really never the same when all of my stuff is not in the proper places at home. 
While I was relaxing this evening I was thinking about all the things I will miss while I am away at school.  I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite things about home.

Although while most college students run off to college, never call their parents or never make a trip home I am the complete opposite.  I will drive home in the evenings just because I want to see my parents or just because I need a little time away from campus.  I call my mom at least 20 times a day and sometimes she calls me just as much.  The thing I will miss most about being at home is seeing my parents every day.  I’ll miss the “Hi Punk” when my dad walks through the door when he is home from work and I will miss the “delicious” home cooked meals my mom prepares.  I placed delicious in quotes for you mom!  I may not say it enough but I do enjoy coming home to your cooking instead of the unions.  Of course I will also miss my dog Cooper or as we call him poopie.  We named him Cooper.  Cooper turned into Coopie and Coopie turned into poopie.  Weird I know but that’s the little guy’s name.  He is a hand full but it is always nice to see him run to you when you open the door to come into the house.

Second in line are my relaxing baths.  I love a nice, relaxing bath in the evening to calm down from the day.  Except in college you cannot take a bath.  When I was a freshman I was joking with a friend and told them I was going to purchase a large Tupperware container and let the shower fill it up and it would be like a bath.  We both laughed that I had even thought of such a thing.  Do not worry I never tried this it was only a joke.  When I am home for the weekends or I am home for a break I take advantage of the bath tub.  I will shower in the mornings and take a relaxing bath at night to try and catch up on the lost relaxation bath nights.  Maybe BW should give their RA’s their own bathroom and a shower with a tub.  I should really email someone about that.  Just kidding, it gives me a reason to come home. 

I will miss doing my laundry at home.  For you college students out there you know doing laundry in a dorm is almost impossible.  People forget about their clothes or they do not give you enough time to retrieve your items from the washer or drier before they are piling them on top of the washers.  Also, the water/washers at school tend to turn my white clothes to a nice shade of off-white.  I will save my nice whites to wash until I know I am going home so I can wash them in a nice washer.  Needless to say I miss my mommy doing my laundry when I am at BW. 

These are just a few things I will miss when I am away.  Trust me there are many, many more.  What are the things you miss most when you are away at school?  Feel free to share them with me and the rest of the readers in the comments below.  I hope everyone was able to get their packing done!  I turned my hot mess into a nicely stacked-I know where everything is hot mess.  Good night sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.  (My grandma used to say this to me every night when she would tuck me in when I was sleeping over at her house when I was younger.)  And remember, nice girls always finish first. 


Disclaimer:  The pictures of the bathroom and the laundry room are from Pinterest and of course the picture of Cooper is mine. :)  


Anonymous said...

So when will we being hearing more from u miss brittnee?? And when will we c what your new room looks like!?

Anonymous said...

Hope ur finally feeling better!!