Blog Request: Great night out outfits, hair and makeup

Every nice girl needs a great night out outfit, fabulous hair and fierce makeup! However just because it is a date night there is no need to go overboard! Keep it simple and also dress for the occasion. There is no need to over think you attire because you have a date. These are my suggestions for fabulous date night.

Outfit: A sundress is perfect because they are light and cool, perfect for these hot days we have been having. Jean shorts or capri’s are also cute. Capri’s and a tank top or jean shorts and a t-shirt is usually what I do. If you are having a movie night, don’t be afraid to wear cute sweats. I will wear sweat pants (capris) from Victoria Secret and a tank top to a movie night to be comfortable.

Hair: Go Simple: High Pony Tail! These are a great way to look cute and stay cool. Don’t forget to add the poof in the back so your pony tail does not look like it is sucked to your head. The stuck to your head pony is only good for the treadmill. You can also wear your hair half up half down. This is an easy way to keep your hair out of your face but also have it down. Leaving your hair down and styling it curly or straight is also easy and fun. These are my favorite summer hair styles because they are simple and easy to do.

Makeup: I prefer to go easy on the makeup in the summer because it is so hot. But if you are going out somewhere at night a great smokey eye would be fabulous! If you are just looking to keep it simple hit the basics: foundation, mascara, blush and a lip gloss. I have only been wearing the basics during the day and then wearing a heavier eye at night.

To the requester: I hope this helps you. I have really been trying to keep my hair and makeup simple lately. It helps to decrease my getting ready time. Also, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get to your request. Please feel free to request more blogs.

Thanks for reading everyone. And remember, nice girls always finish first.



Anonymous said...

thank you for getting back to my blog request!! :) what style of shoes do u recommend to go with a sun dress? also what about when you go to the movie theater? i am alwasy soo cold!! i still want to look super cute when we go to dinner but the movie afterward is always soo cold! what do u recommend? hope ur haveing a wonderful day!!

All American Nice Girl said...

For the shoes I will usually wear flats or fun wedges. And for the movies, don't be afraid to take a small sweater or a jean jacket with you. This is what I always do and it is great! :)

Anonymous said...

love the new layout! :)