Hair style of the day: I have a knot in my hair!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween weekend!  Sadly I was on duty all weekend and did not get to enjoy any Halloween festivities.  I did however get to watch Paranormal activity 2 with a friend.  I thought it was quite funny because I have seen the movie before and she hasn't so I knew when all the "scary" parts were coming up.  I was nice though. I told her when something was getting ready to happen.  What a nice RA friend I am! Haha.  

I started the outfit of the day post a few weeks ago and I want to add a little more fashion fun to my blog by showing you how I wear my hair every once in a while.

Today I have my hair in a low side pony.  BUT!  it is a knotted side pony tail.  This a fun way to do a low pony tail!  I found this idea while i was searching around on Pinterest for fun ideas.  Take a look at the pictures I took of what my hair looks like today.

This is a simple way to rock cute hair when you are not in the mood to straighten or curl your hair.   I had no motivation to do anything to my hair this morning.  Haha

This is what the knot looks like up close.  The messier the knot the better.  Messy is KEY!  :)   
Here are the picture by picture directions on how to accomplish this hair style.  The picture was found on Pinterest 

I hope you will give this fun hair style a try the next time you are not in the morning hair mood!  Let me know in the comments below if you like the "Hair style of the day" posts and also what you think of this unique pony tail.  

Halloween makes me wish I was a little kid again all dressed up ready to run around the neighborhood for trick or treat!  Have a safe and fun Halloween nice girls.  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


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Anonymous said...

I absolutly LOVE this idea of a hair of thr day post! I am always looking aroind for new things to do to my hair. Lol I feel like im always so boring with mine