Winter must haves

Hey Nice Girls!

With winter approaching faster then we want it to, I made a list of winter must haves so I can remind myself what to get and also give you suggestions on staying warm and healthy this winter.

Some of these things you may already have, so this could be a reminder to pull them out of storage to prepare for the…. SNOW! I just cried a little typing that word—gahh!! Also, did you know it is supposed to snow within the next few days here in Ohio? At least that is what my mom told me! Hopefully the weatherman and my mom are wrong!

I thought this was cute and I wanted to share it!  Be prepared the snow is coming soon!

Here is my list of winter must-haves:

~ Moisture shampoo and conditioner- It is important to take care of your hair in the winter. With the cold weather there usually is not much moisture in the air so make sure you are adding moisture to your hair to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

~ Face/ Hand Lotion- Make sure you have a good face moisturizer and hand lotion to keep your skin looking smooth. No one wants dry and cracked alligator skin.

~ Slipper Socks- LOVE THESE! I wear them everywhere I can. Most likely if you see me wearing Uggs, I have slipper socks on inside because I like my feet to be warm. These are fun because you can buy them in fun colors and designs. If you are like me and hate to have cold feet when you sleep, these are perfect to wear to bed. I usually wake up with one sock off. Who knows how I kick them off during the night.

~ Slippers- everyone loves a great pair of slippers to walk around in while you are in the house. Keep your toes warm. Don’t neglect them!

~ Flannel PJ’s- my favorite PJ’s are the ones with feet. I’m sure I would look really silly running around my dorm in footed PJ’s but I would do it because they are so fun!

~ Flannel sheets- My grandma is known for her flannel sheets in the winter. I love to stay the night at her house when it is cold out because I love how warm the flannel sheets are. If you get hot when you sleep I would not recommend wearing flannel pj’s to bed if your bed has flannel sheets.

~Warm apple cider, hot chocolate or coffee which ever you prefer

~ Warm boots- Remember to take good care of your Ugg boots and not wear them in the snow. If you have old Ugg’s wear these instead of your good ones. Keep your good ones in the box so the salt does not ruin them.

~ A cute hat or headband to keep your ears toasty- I have been dying to wear my earmuffs!

~ Small snow shovel in your trunk in case the city decides to plow your car in or for you BW students in case B&G decides to not be considerate and plow our cars into the parking lot like they do every year.

~ Ice scraper- I used mine on Tuesday because the ice was so thick on the windshield of my car from the frost. I hate to scrap my windows. This made me miss living at home because my dad will normally scrap them before he goes to work in the morning. I wonder if I can convince him to drive to BW in the mornings to make sure my window is clear.

I hope this list of items helped to jog your memory of the things you need to remember to get out of storage for the upcoming winter months. I’m sitting at work today with my coat on because I am so cold. Hopefully my work will decide to crank up the heat soon so I do not turn into an ice cube.

Leave your comments below and have a great Thursday! Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first!


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