Blog Request: Halloween Costumes

Hey Nice girls!

I received a blog request a few days ago for ideas on nice girl approved Halloween costumes. It can be extremely hard to find costumes that are appropriate. I have a few ideas on how to take a costume that may be on the “hoochie momma” (haha) side of Halloween and make it nice girl approved.

How to make a costume appropriate:

Problem: My dress/ skirt are way too short!
Solution: Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of leggings under your outfit. Judging by Ohio weather it will most likely be cold on Halloween. The leggings will keep you warm and cover your booty. If your outfit comes with fishnets, replace them with opaque tights. This will help to tone down the outfit and make it more appropriate.

Problem: My outfit is low cut!
Solution: Wear a Cami! Go through your dresser drawers and pull out a colored cami that matches your outfit. This will help to conceal the low cut top and make you feel more comfortable.

Problem: I cannot find a costume that I will feel comfortable in!
Solution: Design your own costume! Bring out your creative side and hit the craft store, the thrift store or even the dollar store and find materials to make your own. When I was in 8th grade I was a jack in the box. My mom and I took and old box painted it to look like the outside of a jack in the box. I painted my face to match the character on the inside and I found a joker costume at the party store. This was a fun and unique costume that was appropriate and I also felt comfortable in it.

Problem: I am not creative to design my own but I want an appropriate costume.
Solution: Look in the kids section of the party store for a costume that may fit you. Even though you may think these costumes will be to small grab the biggest size and slip it on. You never know until you try it on. This is a great way to find a costume that is fun and appropriate and suitable to fit your classy tastes.

Costume ideas:
1. Find a well known commercial character… for example: Flo from the Progressive commercials.

2. Royal Wedding. Wear an old wedding dress and rock a sapphire on your ring finger

3. Dress up as your favorite movie. For example, I would dress up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I have actually done this before. I wore a pink dress and carried a pink bag with a stuffed dog, and of course I had on pink heels.

4. Be a Disney character. This is always a fun and appropriate way to dress up.

5. Grab a friend and dress up as each other. My parents went to a Halloween party this past Saturday. They didn’t dress up but had the idea to dress up as each other. My dad would dress up as my mom and vice versa.

I hope this helped to give you an idea on how to enjoy Halloween while feeling comfortable. What are you going as for Halloween? I would love to hear your costume ideas in the comments below. Also, don’t forget about the Spotlight contest. Click HERE to read the rules and regulations for the contest. It only takes a few seconds to enter and I would love to read your entry. I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday and remember, nice girls always finish first.



Anonymous said...

Thanx!! Lol I actually did have the idea for Flo but haveing a lil trouble finding all the outfit which always seems to happen when I want to find and buy sumthing in particuar I cant lol. are you dressing up for Halloween? If so what are you going as? Hooe you are haveing an awesome day!! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love how you do your hair half up! Hope you dont find it odd....but I was trying to do it also and cant quiet get the sides and top to look the same. How do you do it? Lol

All American Nice Girl said...

Hey Girl! I'm really not sure if I will be dressing up for Halloween this year because I am on RA duty Halloween weekend. :(


Thanks for the complement on my hair! It's all about keeping it messy! That is my secret!! :) Maybe I'll do a tutorial for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I will try it messy lol but if u ever got a chance would love a turorial!

Anna said...

Good ideas, I'm always annoyed by how innapropriate most halloween costumes these days are.