Fall Fashion--Purple and Red?

Hey Nice Girls… Happy Fall!

Long time no blog…! I apologize for neglecting all of for the past month, but things have been crazy with classes, sorority recruitment and everything else that keeps popping up that needs my immediate attention. With that being said I have finally found sometime to sneak in a quick blog post. Today’s post is inspired by my outfit. :)

Did you know two of the biggest colors this fall are purple and red? I was recently out shopping with my mom at Express and little did I know how much of a fall fashion these colors have become. One of the mannequins in Express was rocking red dress pants with a purple and red top. I personally was a little hesitant to even think about putting purple and red together in the same outfit, but I knew I had to have those red pants. Unfortunately, I hated the way the red pants fit, but I did love the purple and red color combination. I ended up purchasing a red cami, a purple mesh sweater, a bracelet, a necklace and a scarf for the days when I do not feel like wearing a necklace with the outfit. I must say this has been one of my go to outfits for this fall.

Today I am wearing black dress pants, a red cami and a purple zip-up short sleeved sweater and of course I am rocking my black heels with the red peep toe. I also have on the bracelet from Express that has the colors purple, red and black in it. My advice for the fall is to BE BOLD, FABULOUS, and ROCK GREAT OUTFITS! Wear color combinations no one would think of and feel good about your adventurous side.

A quick Nice Girl reminder: It is way past Labor Day ladies, so remember to tuck away your white pants, dresses, skirts and heels until Memorial Day weekend.

Another reminder, although I may not be posting as much I still check my blog and my email daily. If you have a blog request, a question or just want to say Hi please feel free to comment below or send an email because I love to hear from you and I will respond. :)

I wish you all the best of luck to find bold and fun colors to rock this season. I hope you are enjoying this lovely Fall weather we are finally having. Take pictures of the leaves changing and drink some hot apple cider. Smile, relax and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Much Love,



Kari said...

Red and purple are THE thing this fall! I love it! I got a really nice red dress shirt from BCBG, it's unique and the color is fantastic!

<3 Grandbig

Anonymous said...

would LOVE to see a picture of this outfit to give a better idea!!! :)