Guest Post: Momma Snyder and some interesting scents

Hey Nice Girls!

I am crazy busy today so I asked my mom to write a guest post so you can get your Nice Girl fix for the day.  I hope you enjoy her funny and entertaining post!  Make sure you leave her some comments, I know she would love to hear what you all have to say!  Enough chit chat from me!  Enjoy my moms wittiness! 

Have you ever smelled something that invokes a thought or memory?  I know you think I’m crazy but just follow me here a second.  I’m talking about one of those familiar scents that take you back to a certain place or time.   The smell of fall in air and the crisp leaves underfoot got me thinking about other smells that remind me of something particular.

Like crayons.  Crayons have a unique waxy scent that when combined with the smell of the paper wrapper that surrounds them is so distinctively childlike and almost heartwarming.  I remember this big box from when I was a kid where my sister and I kept all of our crayons.  There was no lid on the box so whenever you were within a few feet of it, the aroma from the crayons beckoned you to sit and color a while.  I think the box was burgundy but I can’t be sure because the box was completely covered in scribbles inside and out.  I guess we used the box to test the color of the crayon before using it on our drawing.   Silly kids.  The color of the crayon is the color of the crayon.  (Does that makes sense?)

And then there is the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.  I use a mechanical pencil most of the time now so I don’t get to enjoy this memory often but freshly sharpened pencils remind me of my 8th grade English teacher.  She was obsessed with sharp, straight lines when we would divide up the sentences.  What’s that called?  8th grade was a long time ago.

There are a lot of great smells coming up.  The smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking and pumpkin pies baking in the oven almost gives me that sleepy feeling you get after eating turkey.  Soon the scent of freshly cut pine trees will fill the air as folks decorate their homes for the holidays.  I hate the smell of pine but I do love the non-scent of my artificial tree.  What familiar smells do you enjoy?   Bacon frying on the stovetop, cinnamon rolls baking in the oven…why are most of my smells from food?  I’m hungry.  I think I’ll go eat lunch.


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Anonymous said...

Great post Dian! :)
Lol this is actually a little funny because in class today we talked about the brain and the "olfactory bulb" and how scents are a direct link to memories. What a coincidenc! :)
I LOVE the smell of leaves in the fall, reminds me of being a little girl playing outside in a big pile. The smell of doublemint gum reminds me of ok ne of my best friends he always chewed doublemint. Also juicyfruit reminds me of my grandma, she would break a piece of it in half and give one half to my brother and one half to me all of thetime but usually in church. one a more not so pleasent note, the smell of coffee reminds me of a tine I was very sick when I was little and had to go to the hospital and used theempty coffee can as a trash can to throw up in. the smell of mint (esp mint skoal if you have ever smelled that) reminds me of my uncle, he always either had mint gum in his mouth or more offen than not mint skoal.
Hipe you are having a fab day! Really enjoyed the guest post! :)

Anonymous said...

Smells can evoke pleasant memories. I think that is one reason that aroma therapy is so popular today.Some of my favorite smells and memories came from Grandma Nancy's kitchen both as a child and an adult. Luv, Auntie C.