Random Randomness

Hey Nice Girls,

Today’s post is silly and fun. Over the past few weeks I have been keeping a list of random thoughts I have had in the morning from the time I wake up until I am sitting at my desk at my internship (time frame: 6-8am). Hopefully you will find my randomness entertaining on this I-should-still-be-in-bed-because-it-was-so-cold-out-at-7am Tuesday.

~ I work in Cube city. My cube, Brittnee Square, is located on the corner of Main Street (the main aisle) and Sales Blvd (the sales row). In my cube I have two computer monitors, a phone and a cute pink piggy bank. I was convinced the piggy had a camera in it the day a random co-worker came over and just plopped it down beside me. Needless to say, I turned it around to face the cube wall.

~ Always be nice to the sales people that call you on the phone. I’m aware this is ANNOYING but you never know if it is a hard working intern on the other end just trying to get experience for their resume. Like me! I wish I could say “Hi this is Brittnee the intern. Please be nice to me while I bug you for 2 minutes.” However, I’m pretty sure my boss would not appreciate the humor.

~ I have a serious problem getting out the door everyday because I can never decide on my accessories—this necklace or that necklace, belt or no belt—I’m not sure I can blame being late on my addiction to accessories, but I can blame it on my mom for instilling an accessories problem within me. Apparently it runs in the family—maybe we should seek accessory therapy?

~ Should I match my travel mug to my outfit?

~ The other day I wore a great pay of shoes to work and did not want the cement in the parking lot to ruin them so I wore flip flops into the office to save my shoes. However, this great idea to wear flip flops into the office did a nose dive into the ground. I walked right past the “big boss man” with my flip flops on. He looked slightly confused as to why I was walking into the office without proper footwear. I felt like I needed to explain that I had fabulous shoes in my bag but I did not want to take the chance to ruin them outside, but he’s a guy… I really didn’t think he would understand. To make up for my awkward encounter with the boss man, I was up walking around a lot hoping to run into him again so he could see that I actually had fabulous shoes on.

~ Every time I get to a certain red light near the office I frantically start flipping through my Ipod to find a fun song to give me the energy I need to make it through the morning. The song depends on my mood for the day of course. If I am in a happy go lucky mood I will go for something like “Perfect Day” by Hoko (the song from Legally Blonde). If I am a crab in the morning I will go for something like “Here’s a quarter Call someone who cares” By Travis Tritt. If I am tired and barely holding my eyes open I’ll turn to Michael Buble. Any of his songs will do.

~ Every morning on the way out the door to my car there seems to be the same guy standing the in the doorway waiting to get into my building. I have come to realize he does not live there but his girlfriend does. So I nicely smile and continue my way out the door.

~ I also always race the car next to me at the Turnpike booth. I like to be the first one out of the gate. I swear if I had a faster car maybe a Chevelle or a Grand National I would be able to win every morning. I’ll have to have some type of negotiation with big Bob (my dad) to see if I can convince him to buy me a sports car.

These are just some fun and silly things that I have thought about or have encountered over the past few weeks on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s either at work or on the morning drive to work. Do you have any random thoughts in the morning? I would love to hear about them in the comments below. Please leave a blog request or two as well. I am going through a blog request withdrawal because no one is leaving any and I love to hear from my readers.

Have a terrific Tuesday! Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you, and remember, nice girls always finish first!

Love from cube city,



Anonymous said...

I love this!! lol i have all kinds of random thoughts through out my day! i will have to write them down for a couple days and then post them because of course, i can not think of them off the top of my head.
also if you are goin thru blog request withdraws you could always do the hair tutorials i have requested :) have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any suggestions on what would b a great outfit to wear to a wedding in the middle of November? Lol I have only been to weddi.gs in the summer so I am not so sure what to wear that will still b warm!