Confession: Too quick to judge

Hey everyone!  At one point in time we have all had an opinion on a topic and that opinion has changed drastically.  Well today I must confess I have changed my opinion on running in the street. 

I’m not much of a runner but when I do run I always run on the sidewalk for a few reasons. One being I am afraid of getting hit by a crazy driver who is not paying attention and also because I have always found it slightly annoying when I am driving and there is a person running in the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk 10 feet to the right of them. 

I believe Karma finally caught up with me for being a little annoyed at all of these runners.  I was not even 50 yards away from my house this evening when I tripped on the uneven sidewalk.  I jammed my ankle and lost my balance.  I’m sure I looked like a fool falling all over the place.  However, against my better judgment I decided to run in the road.  Oh my gosh!!  What a different experience!  I was able to run like the wind and not trip on my feet trying to dodge the uneven cement.  I will admit I will always run in the street from now on and I will think twice before I complain about someone running in the road. 

We as humans are quick to judge and make an opinion on something we have never tried before.  My advice: always give something a try before you make an opinion.  If your original opinion was wrong admit you may have been too quick to judge.  No one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  Try something new, learn from every experience and have no regrets! 

Share a confession in the comments below about a time when you were too quick to judge and what you learned from the experience.  I will do a recap post in a few days and highlight most, if not all of your shared confessions.  Remember you can submit the comments anonymously so no one will know your story.  I’m so excited to read your comments!  

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend!  The weather is supposed to be fantastic so get outside and soak up the sun, BUT don’t forget the sunscreen!  And remember, nice girls always finish first!



Anonymous said...

my too quick to judge confession is about my now AMAZING boyfriend. (now i know that you are not to judge people but i guess i didwithout realixing and now i kno..)ok so my story starts with I have known my now boyfriend ever since jr high when he rode my bus he is 2 yrs older than me and i always thought that he was sooo cute!(i have now been graduated for about 3 yrs), we never talked but knew of eachother and in highschool we hung out with the same friends but still never really talked.i was always told by eveyone at school and my firends that he was bad news. he was a realy bad boy, partied too hard and ust had the all around bad rep and not to hang around him cuz it would be trouble so i never did or tried to. a couple yrs ago i got a job in the town and had been working there for quite awhile he had a gf and i had a bf but he would always come inbut would never talk to me. i broke up with my bf and was single for a while and come to find out so was he. ever since my 2nd day on the job his pap would come in telling me he was gonna send his grandson down after me and i would just laugh. well a yr ago on July 4th i was working and my bf and his dad came in. his dad said to him "well she doesn't have a ring on!.." i blushed and so did he i said no im single and laughed.they left and ab an hr later i got a fb message from him saying how awkward that was and we have talked everyday since that nite. I came to know that everything I had "known" ab him was completly wrong! he is an amazing guy who is hardworking and honest and treats me like a queen. he is the love of my life and so glad of that 4th of july. I amso happy that he messaged me and i got to know him like i did because i was soo wrong. and come to find out his friends told lies about me too...guess thats part of living in a small town. I now have learned my lesson not to listen to what others say about ppl. you have to get to know them yourself or you could miss out on the best things in your life!!

Anonymous said...

do you keep a list of blog/vlog requests when someone asks for something?

All American Nice Girl said...

YES!! I do keep a list!! :)

Anonymous said...

im really glad you do keep a list!! and im glad for you that u reached so many views! cant wait for ur next blog! or even vlog! esp ones that have been "blog requests" i have seen several on here and one on ur vlog channel but havent seen many done....
Have a Great DAy!

Anonymous said...

blog request!!: what are you favorite summer time clothing looks? and favorite make up? when traveling what are ur top must haves when packing?