Embarrassing Moment- Youth in Asia…Maybe?

Happy sunny Monday nice girls!

I was trying to decide what to blog about and I realized it has been awhile since I did a post that was directly related to me. I want to share an embarrassing moment with all of you. We have all done something at one time or another where we wish we would have just kept our mouth shut or we secretly hope no one was looking when we tripped up the stairs. For me I’ve done all of these things. I probably have more embarrassing moments than the average human. Surprisingly I’m okay with it, I enjoy laughing at myself. One thing before I start my story… you must promise to laugh at me!!

Here we go! In 11th grade in high school my English class just finished writing the dreaded research paper. I did mine on second hand smoking for those who are curious.
After writing the paper and turning it in we had to give a speech to the class.
One day in class a girl who shall remain nameless started talking about the Youth in Asia. She went on and on about how wrong it was and how people need to take a stand.

This girl talked for about 5 minutes and when she was done I turned around to my friend sitting behind me and said “How did anything she said have anything to do with the Youth in Asia?” Of course she laughed at me and said “Brittnee! Not the Youth in Asia…Euthanasia!”

Trust me when I say I was so embarrassed! I could not believe I thought this girl’s entire speech was about the Youth in Asia when it was really about a more serious topic. To this day my mom and I still laugh about this. It’s one of those things I will never live down.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about one of your embarrassing moments I would love to read them. I’m going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine! I hope you are having a great day! And remember, nice girls always finish first.


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