Blog Request: Summer clothing/makeup looks and traveling must haves

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to try and catch up on some blog requests. If I have not gotten to yours yet please be patient with me while I sort through them all. Today’s request included 3 questions: 1. what are your favorite summer time looks, 2. what are your favorite summer time make up looks and 3. When traveling what are your top must haves when packing?

I have a variety of things I love to wear in the summer however this summer I have been reaching for sun dresses. Dresses have been my top pick because they are light, cool and fun. You can be casual in a sundress or you can dress it up with a fun pair of heels. Sundresses are great to wear to a concert, a graduation party or even just relaxing around the house. You can never go wrong with a sundress!

In the summer I really like to tone it down in the makeup department. I am not a fan of feeling like my makeup is sweating off of my face while I am enjoying the sunshine. Recently I have been only wearing foundation, mascara, blush and a highlighter when I am wearing my contacts. If I am wearing my glasses for the day I will wear foundation, eyeliner, blush and a highlighter. I skip out on mascara on the days I wear my glasses because I hate the feeling of my eyelashes touching the inside of my glasses… I think it tickles. This has been my go to look all summer. It’s fun, simple and it looks great!

Traveling! Who doesn’t love a good get away? I know I would love to have had the chance to take a relaxing vacation this summer. The closest thing I have found to a beach this summer is my grandma’s pool in southern Ohio. I am driving down this weekend and I cannot wait to lay by the pool! I can’t really say what my top must haves are. I usually tend to pack the same basic products everywhere I go. However if I am flying somewhere I will pack my iPod, and a book for the plane. Sometimes I will pack my DVD player. It just all depends on how long the flight is. This seems like such a generic answer but I have never noticed myself taking the same things everywhere I go unless it is the basic hair care, toothpaste, body wash and contact solution type of products.

What are your favorite summer time clothing and makeup looks? Leave a comment below talking about the item you always take with you on a trip. I will post the top 2 most creative items someone always packs in their suitcase in my next blog post, so make sure to leave your name with the comment!

I hope you are enjoying the summer! It is going to be over before we know it! Also feel free to leave a blog request! And remember, Nice Girls always finish first!



Anonymous said...

thanx! I have also been reaching for a sun dress a lot more than usual this summer esp for date nites since where i work requires jeans t shirts and work boots!
i really hope u can get to some of the other blog requests soon! enjoy your trip and safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

I like to pack clothes that are light, wrinkle resistant and don't take up too much space in my bag. Also, basic bottoms are nice because you can rewear them with a different top and accessories for a completely different look.

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