Makeup for Glasses Challenge

Hey pretty ladies!

The past few days I have been having a few problems with my eyes.  My contacts kept drying out (I’m sure this is because my contacts are only meant to be worn for no more than 2 weeks but I have had them in for a whopping 3 months!) my eyes have been itchy and watery.  Needless to say it has been miserable to be at work when I am having contact issues. So today I decided to wear my glasses to work.  This was an easy fix!  My eyes feel much better today.

While wearing my glasses gives my eyes a break it also brought along on major problem… how do I do my makeup and wear my glasses?  I normally only wear my glasses at night or on days where I do not wear makeup so I took on the makeup with glasses challenge.  My biggest issue is I hate wearing mascara with my glasses because my eye lashed brush the inside of my glasses and it drives me nuts!  So today I decided against the mascara and attempted a new look. 

Today I wore foundation, powder, blush and a highlighter on my face which is what I do every day so no change here.  However for my eyes I lined my eyes with brown eyeliner from Clinique (click here to view the eyeliner I use.  I have the color Chocolate Luster).  I used a light color on my lid and a brown in the crease.  I made my crease color darker than usual so you could see the color through my glasses.  I finished off my look with a neutral lip color from MAC.  I must say with a more intense crease color I did not miss my mascara today.  I know I will be doing this look again in the future. 

How do you do your makeup when you have glasses on?  Comment below and share your tips and secrets with me!  Also, let me know if you would like to see a tutorial of the makeup for glasses look that I did today.  I would be happy to film one.  If you’re like me I’m sure you are hoping Mother Nature will stop the rain and bring on the sun shine. I hope tomorrow will be sunny!  Don't forget to check me out on twitter @AANiceGirlBlog and send in your blog requests. Until next time nice girls, be smart, be beautiful, be you and remember, nice girls always finish first!  


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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! do a vid of this!! i would love it! also...the link took me to some laser eye drop stuff..(??) have a great day!!!