Ponytail Wednesday: How low can you go??

Happy Leap Day everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your extra 24 hours.  Today feels like the original Ponytail Wednesday from back in high school.  I managed to shower and put my hair right up into a wet ponytail.  Talk about a lazy Wednesday morning.

Today's pony is the low pony.  As you can see in the pictures there are different ways that you can rock this look.

Photo from here

  1. For short hair with lots of layers:  Start this look with wet hair.  This is to help hold your shorter layers in place.  If you feel just having wet hair is not enough hold reach for your super hold styling gel and hair spray and throw your hair back into a low chic pony.  There is nothing a little styling gel and hair spray cannot fix.  
  2. Slicked back pony: Pull your hair back in a tight ponytail.  Add the curls before or after you pull your hair back.  If you are going for a more sleek look keep the pony straight and through it over your shoulder.  
  3. Low Pony with a wrap: To duplicate this look, take a section of hair from below the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie and secure it underneath with a bobby pin.  Leave a few pieces of hair down on the sides for added fun.  Don't forget to add a small poof on your crown for extra lift. 
I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Stay tuned for my upcoming post "9 ways to glam up your wardrobe".  I should have this post out in a few days.  Have a fantastic day.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


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