New Month. New You.

Hey Everyone!

I’m sure you have all heard the sayings “There is not enough time in the day” or “I need more days in a week/year”.  Well if you are one of these people, YOU ARE IN LUCK!  With this year being leap year, you now have an extra day this month to get things done!

I know I have wished for more hours in a day, more days in a week and more weeks in a month.  Sometimes it seems so stressful when you look at all of the work you need to accomplish in a day.  I know because I’ve been there!  However, I have figured out a few ways to help myself stay on track and be able to finish all of my daily and weekly tasks. 

Here are two things I do:
Personal Planner
Academic Planner
-    I use two, yes two planners.  I have one for academic purposes and one for my personal life/ appointments.  This has really helped me to stay on track with classes and helps me to remember my appointments and events.  After I have completed the task or after the event is over I check it off.  I love checking things off of my To-Do List- it’s so satisfying!

-   I also use a small dry erase board in my room to plan out my week for classes (when tests are and when assignments are to be turned in).  When it comes to the dry erase board I usually cross things off because I hate to look at my wall and see a huge list of things to do.  The more things that are crossed off, the better the day I have!

I’m still trying to decide what I am going to do with an extra day this month.  Maybe I’ll read an extra chapter in a book, hit the gym or maybe even write another blog post.  One thing’s for sure though.  I will be making the most out of February 29th.  I mean, after all, it only comes every 4 years!  It’s like we should be having a celebration that day!  Maybe I should hit the mall!  I wonder if they will have a leap year sale!!??  Oh the possibilities that February 29th holds! 

What are you going to do with your extra day?  I challenge you to do something for yourself that day!  Whether it’s an extra mile on the treadmill or an extra dollar spent at the mall make it count!  Also, what are some of the things you do to say on track?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

I hope you are having a fantastic 1st day of February and I wish you the best when trying to think of what to do with your extra 24 hours.  Be fierce, be fabulous, be you and remember, nice girls always finish first!


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Anonymous said...

Love you and your tips !!!! It's true what you say, nice girls always finish first . Love youuu PB :)