Blog Request: Exercise tips, Healthy eating & How to staying in shape

Hey Nice girls.

At the beginning on the summer I received a blog request for exercise tips, healthy eating and tips on staying in shape. Please keep in mind that I am not expert in working out, eating healthy or staying in shape but I do know what works for me!

I try to stay active as much as I can. When I am at school I have cheer practice 2 times a week and I also cheer a game about once a week depending on our schedule. Along with practice I am required to work out to keep my strength and endurance up for the team. I will work out 2-3 times a week. I usually run and do some strength training afterwards.

I really enjoy working out with my Jillian Michaels DVD’s. Click here to view my Jillian Michaels DVD review blog. These are great workouts and I promise they will kick your butt into shape. Although they are short, sweet and to the point they are tough! If you keep up with it, believe in yourself and work hard you will see results.

I am the queen of junk food! I love candy, chips and everything unhealthy. With that being said I have learned that portion control is key! Don’t be afraid to have your favorite treats, just eat them in moderation. I have also learned to slow down when I am eating. I used to be a fast eater. I would go to lunch with my mom and by the time I was done with my meal she was only half way done with hers. Eating fast caused me to eat the entire meal and feel extremely full. By slowing down I no longer eat everything brought to me at a restaurant, I don’t have that “I may need to undo the top button of my jeans” feeling and I feel healthier because I know I did not over eat.

I also eat a lot of fruit! Grapes, watermelon and blueberries are just a few of my favorites. These are great snacks that taste good and are also good for you! Try finding healthy foods you really enjoy so you will not be tempted to grab the bag of chips the next time you open your kitchen cabinet.

I love to visit and read the information /articles on Here you can find fun work outs, great tips, healthy recipes and fun music suggestions to keep you motivated as you workout.

Feel free to let me know what you do to live a healthy lifestyle I would love to read about it in the comments below. Today is going to be another hot one so drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and if you are outside take frequent shade breaks! Enjoy this fabulous Friday! And remember, nice girls always finish first!


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i am LOVEING that you are catching up on blog requests!!! hope to see more soon. i kno i have requested a few and would love to see those! :)