Blog Request: Tips on curling your hair

Hey how ya’ll doin?

Hahaaa! Hey everyone! I am aware that is not correct grammar and I’m sure your saying “BrittneeNoel what are you thinking about starting a blog that way?” Well it is a joke between my mom and I and I know she will get a kick out of it! That one’s for you mom!

A long, long time ago (if you can count June 11th as a long, long time ago) a reader asked me to talk about tips on curling hair. So here we go…

- Use a heat protector before you dry your hair. This is not a necessary step but I encourage it to keep your hair healthy!

- Section your hair off so you can make sure you get all of your hair curled. I usually section my hair off into three sections (right, left and the back)

- Make sure you have a good curling iron. If you have a higher quality curling iron you will have more success when curling your hair. I use a Paul Mitchell and love it. The curling iron I use is clamp less.
- When you are ready to curl take a section of hair and spray it with a heat hold. I use Hot off the Press by Paul Mitchell. This is great because it works like hair spray but does NOT make your hair crunchy like a hair spray.

- Take this section and split it into about 2 inch sections and start curling. After you have finished the bottom section repeat these steps until you have curled all of your hair.

I have noticed the key to curling my hair is to not hold it on the iron for a long time. Less time is more! If the curl is not the way you want it you can always re-curl that piece of hair. I have also noticed I like my hair to be “dirty” to curl it. By dirty I mean the day after I wash it. My hair seems to hold curl better when it is not freshly washed.

I hope these few small tips will help you out the next time you curl your hair. Do you have any tips you would like to share with the readers? If so please leave them in the comments below. And remember, nice girls always finish first!


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Anonymous said...

ahh! i love you, and our curling iron, and our mutual love for paul mitchell products =) and many other reasons!! haha

Anonymous said...

thank you for getting back to my blog request! i would love to see this one in vlog form if that would ever be possible! hope ur staying cool on this hot beautiful day!