What exactly is a nice girl?

Hey nice girls!

When I started blogging, I mentioned I was inspired to share my thoughts after someone condemned me for being too nice. Too nice? What does that mean? How can you be too nice? I think there are way too many un-nice people out there. I know un-nice is not a word but mean does not necessarily describe what I’m talking about. Some people are just un-nice. It’s not that they are mean, but they aren’t nice either. Hence, my new word un-nice.

To really understand what it means to be un-nice, you first need to understand what it means to be a nice girl. A nice girl is caring. She is kind and she is hopeful. A nice girl never looks down upon another person. Instead, she looks up to them. A nice girl continues to grow within herself to become a better person. She challenges herself daily to be the best she can possibly be. A nice girl is someone you can count on. She will never let you down or disappoint you. A nice girl will surprise others with her integrity and dignity. A nice girl is a best friend.

In my experience, there are not nearly enough nice girls out there. Some girls are judgmental and don’t seem to care how their words or actions make others feel. I think it is important to realize that different does not mean bad or wrong. Our differences are what make us unique and special. Just because a girl doesn’t wear the latest fashions does not mean she is any less important than the girl who has clothes from all the top designers. Just because a girl chooses to participate in an activity different from another doesn’t mean that girl is not worthy of kindness. Too many times people are quick to pass judgment on someone just because she is different. The next time you are faced with a situation like that, I ask you to seriously consider your thoughts. Are you being fair? Are you being nice? Or are you being un-nice and judgmental? If you are honest with your own thoughts, you may be surprised by your answer.

I think there needs to be a lot more compassion out there. Nice girls, please have compassion for other people, even those you don’t know. Everyone deserves kindness and compassion. I’ve seen too many instances lately where girls are judgmental, un-nice and uncaring just because someone or something is different. A bit of compassion and kindness can really make a difference for someone. Try it. Go out of your way to extend a little kindness today.

I don’t mean to lecture nice girls. I’m just hoping my words inspire you to evaluate how you interact with others. If there’s room for improvement, make a change!

Please comment below about what you think a nice girl is, or share an experience where you decided to be a nice girl instead of being an un-nice girl.

Remember, nice girls always finish first.


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