Project 10

Hey nice girls!

Where have I been? I feel like I have been slacking on my blogs. I have been wracking my brain for awhile to come up with a new fabulous blog for you…a fabulog (lol).

I am so excited that classes are starting to come to an end. I cannot wait to pack everything up and head home for the summer! I am really hoping there is a beach vacation in my near future. Summer is my favorite time of the year and I cannot wait to cuddle up with a great book outside in the sunshine.

Some of you may be familiar with Project Ten Pan, which is a makeup project where you pick out 10 products that are close to being completely used up. You put yourself on a makeup buying ban! Until the 10 products are completely gone, you buy no new makeup products. I honestly don’t think I could go without buying new makeup products because I love to use new things. So…I have created my own twist to this fabulous project.

I am starting Project 10 Book when I go home for the summer. I have a really bad habit of going to the book store and walking out with an armful of new books when I still have a great collection of books that have not been read. This summer I am going to start working through my incomplete book collection. I will not buy any new books until I have read at least 10 books from my own collection.

I think this is a great opportunity to also give back to my community. After completing the books I plan to save the ones I will want to read again and donate the rest. National American Miss has a great community involvement activity where the competing girls bring new and gently used books. Although I will not be competing this year I plan to come and show my support to all of my pageant friends. I am going to bring my gently used books and continue to donate to this great cause.

I challenge you to make a project of your own this summer. Weather it be Project 10 Pan, Project 10 Book or maybe Project 10 Involvement (making a goal to volunteer at least 10 times over the summer) or even your own unique Project 10. Please leave me a comment and share your summer mission. I believe this is a great way to not only be productive and creative this summer but to also enjoy the great things you have in your life.

On another note, as school and classes are starting to come to an end, remember to stay caught up on everything. It will make your life a lot easier on you when finals roll around. Try to find a stress reliving activity to help you relax and get excited about SUMMER VACATION!

And remember, nice girls always finish first!


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Anonymous said...

summer vacation. I hope one is in the making as well but with the health insurance perdicament I hope it can be worked out.