Ponytail Wednesday: Ponytail Damage

Happy Ponytail Wednesday!

Have you ever held up a mirror to the back of your hair?  No? You should try it!  

By looking at the back of your hair you might see a line of breakage that roughly coincides with where your hair tie lays then your hair is in a ponytail.  This comes from your workout ponytail, your "I'm having a bad hair day ponytail" or from falling asleep with your hair up.  

Try these few suggestions to help avoid ponytail breakage: 

1. Purchase hair ties that are soft and non-damaging.  Stay clear of metal fastenings.  

2. Move your ponytail around.  High, middle, low or a messy bun.  By alternating the placement of your hair tie the breakage should not be as noticeable.  

3. If you wear a ponytail to bed use scrunchies.  I know everyone out there still has a few of them laying around their room somewhere.  These are much softer and will not be as harsh on your hair.  

4. You can also loosen your ponytail.  This will also help avoid damage.

I hope these few tricks will help you save your hair and help get rid of any ponytail damage that you may have.  

Have a great rest of your Wednesday.  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first!




Anonymous said...

Hey! Missing you! Also you need to update your "about me" section! Have a fab day!!

Anonymous said...

HEY!! was on your twitter today and I am really missing you!!! was wondering if you could do a beauty secrets blog (what secret products or tips do you have for us who are not as pretty as you?), or newest fitness review?,or even just an update (what is going on in you life? work, school, family, boy toy? lol)Hope you are having an amazing day! miss you!!!!! <3

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Missing your Blogs!!!!!

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Where have you been :'(

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We would love more blogs!!!