Nail Art: The Glitz, The Glitter & The Glam!

Good morning and happy Monday! 

I hope everyone has a fun filled week ahead of them.  Today's post is all about {The Glitz, Glitter & Glam} of nail art!  

I love looking at nail art.  To be honest, one of the only reasons I follow a few people on Instagram is because of their nail art pictures.  Some people are so talented when it comes to nail art.  I wish I had the patience and the knowledge to know how to do great nail art.  Shout out to everyone who is talented in nail art- maybe you could give me a few tips!  

Here are a few pictures that have caught my eye over the last few weeks. 
** disclaimer: These pictures are NOT mine.  See captains of each picture if you are looking for the owner.** 

{Instagram User: rockglam}
I love the base color in this picture.  However, this picture made it into my post today because of the sparkle and shine.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the glitter top coat on this nail.  

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}
Now if you are anything like me, this nail stands out to you because of the PINK!  My only {issue} with this nail is that I personally do not like a matte finish on my nails.  I like my nails to shine.  I plan to recreate this art on my own nails using a bright and shiny pink base coat.  

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}
What do you think of the new fashion trend of having one nail completely different than the others?  I for one LOVE IT!  As I am sitting her typing up this post I have a "stand out" nail.  I enjoy having something different on my nails instead of just a solid color.  I also like the "V" shape on the nails as well.  That may be a little more difficult to recreate but I'm going to give it a go! 

{Instagram User: Fashionpieces_}

These nails are simple yet exciting.  I love the basic base coat with a little flair of color on the tips.  I think these nails would be fun for someone who does not enjoy all over color but wants somethings different than the normal french manicure.  
{Instagram User: the_fashion_spot}

I love the mint green color on these nails.  If I were to decide to recreate these nails I would have to find a different color other than black.  I am not a huge fan of black nails.  I like to have bright, shiny and glittery nails.  Black would only work it is had some bling to it! :)

These next two sets of nails I think are great for Valentines Day or {single awareness day} which ever you prefer to celebrate.  ;)
{Instagram User: ayefashion}

I love this!  There is nothing better than pink and polka dots.  Recreating this nail will be a ton of fun!  I just need to invest in a white nail polish and a lot of patience!
{Become Gorgeous}

Now I know I said there is nothing better than pink and polka dots BUT adding hearts to the mix never hurt anyone.  I love these nails.  It might be fun to get together with your girlfriends, turn on your favorite movie and have a mani/pedi night.  With some extra help from a few friends I have no doubt that you can create a perfect heart on your nails.  

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  I would love to hear your feedback on these nails in the comments below.  Have a fabulous day and be sure to check back for Pony Tail Wednesday! 

Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first.  


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