March Favorites

March Favorites

Hey nice girls!

I only tried one new product this month and I want to continue to use it before I decide on my overall opinion.  Therefore, this monthly favorites post is just a few pictures I managed to take during the few nice days we had in March.  

I was driving around my hometown over Spring Break and noticed
the Goodyear blimp over head.  It was the first time this year I saw it
and snapped a quick picture while I was driving... To make you all
feel better about using my phone while driving I was stopped at
a red light.  Safety first! 

This little guy was staring straight at my when I was
sitting in the park and I had to take his picture.  I actually
sent it to my mom and told her I was turning into her because I was
watching the birds around me.  

This awful little critter crawled up next to me while I was studying outside.
I saw him and said "Spider... go away you are not welcome here".  However, he
did not move so I did! I managed to let this guy live but freaked out when I
saw a massive ant a few minutes later and killed it.  I felt awful but it was HUGE!

Another example of me turning into my mother.  Not that its a bad thing.  I was sitting
on the park bench watching the geese walk around in the grass.  This was much
better than sitting in my room on such a beautiful day.

Over Spring Break I spent 5 days of my life on the couch reading the Hunger Games trilogy.
I was in need of a small inexpensive book mark to get me through the week because my good one was at BW.
I snatched this at the local bookstore for somewhere around $2.00!  Its fabulous!

Be on the look out for April favorites at the beginning of May.  I am hoping to have a few new beauty products to rant and rave about!  I hope you are having a great Monday!  Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember, nice girls always finish first.


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