Guest Post: Meanderings by a Meandering Mind

Hey Nice girls!  Here is another guest post from my mom!  Enjoy! <3

This is an unusual day.  It’s the last day I will do the routine that has become, well, routine for nearly the last eight years.  It is the last day I will spend 8 hours among these walls that have come to know me so well.  It is the last day I will hang my coat on that hook.  It is the last day I will sit in this uncomfortable chair.  It is the last day I will walk on these floors that have supported me on my journeys to the lunch room, the postage meter or to that front desk. 

Yes, it is my last day at my job.  The job that I have given so much to over the years.  The job that became difficult to separate from the rest of who I am.  The job that I have learned so much from.  The job that has led to my next great adventure.

I leave with a great sense of relief and accomplishment.  I have taken this practice to a place few others could.  Literally.  I say that not out of conceit but because it is a fact.  Few people in my profession have reached this level of implementation of governmental regulations because the topic is so very new.  I’ve not done anything spectacular really.  I just did it sooner than most people.  The rest will come along fine in time.

So what have I learned by enduring this situation?  You may have asked that had you known there was a situation to be endured.  I have learned to always take a stand.  Never doubt what you think is right.  Always keep your head high.  And most importantly, always have a zinger ready for the end.

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