Beauty Resolutions- Check in

Hey all!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and you are finding time to relax in your busy schedule.  I needed a break from BW this weekend so I headed home for Friday and half of Saturday.  Friday I went to a high school boys’ basketball game with my dad and on Saturday my mom and I did some shopping for necessities before she heads to Tampa today. 

On another note, I cannot even begin to believe that February 1st is on Wednesday.  Where does time go anymore?  Anyway since it has almost been 30 days I want to give you an up-date on my beauty resolutions!

I will admit I have struggled a little bit but I have managed to be successful for the most part.  When it comes to taking my makeup off at night I have been doing really well.  I take my showers at night so this makes it easy to make sure I have a clean face before turning in.  On the nights when I have been too tired to walk down the hall to wash my face I use a makeup wipe to get the foundation off my face.  There have been many nights where I will go to bed with mascara on but I really don’t think that affects my skin. 

Additionally, I have been using my Clarisonic every day.  I must say though the first two weeks were the hardest to keep up with it because this is when the Clarisonic is pulling all of the crud out of your skin.  Needless to say I had multiple breakouts during weeks one and two.  However, because I have been able to stick with it, I have seen a huge difference in my complexion.  I have also been able to go to the gym with a clean face.  Although it is embarrassing to admit I have only hit the gym a few times this month.  Sometimes I forget how hard it is to get back into the routine of working out.  So for the next 30 days I will continue to find motivation to work out so I am able to walk across the stage at graduation the same size I was when I first set foot on campus back in 2009. 

I have also been able to cut down on my junk food intake.  I will admit I will indulge in something tasty every now and again, but for the most part I have done well on this. 

So from now until the end of February I will continue to keep up my beauty resolutions, and hopefully I will make it to the gym a few more times than I have this past month.  Remember to evaluate your resolutions to see how far you have come and if you need to make any adjustments.  I hope you are able to make these last few days in January the best yet.  Until next time, Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first

Much love,

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