Nice Girl: Take care of YOU

Hey Nice Girls, happy Monday.

If you are keeping up with the nice girl series you know that today is Day 6.  I’ve been talking about being a good person, taking care of others, and giving back to the community.  However, today I want talk about taking care of YOU. 

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and don’t realize how much we have neglected ourselves until we are too stressed out to know what to do.  I get wrapped up in classes, my internship and sorority activities and sometimes forget to take a few minutes to myself. 

But I’m a girl who loves my “me time” so I have a few go-to ideas that I use as a special treat for myself.  Sometimes I’ll shut my front light off in my dorm room so no one will think I’m there. Then I can get some time to myself (that’s our little secret….sssshhhh).  Reading is another way to escape.  I plan to read a little bit of my book later this afternoon to give myself time to relax from a busy day of classes.  Some of my other favorites:  take a walk, get a mani/pedi, take a quick catnap or watch a favorite TV show.

A heart to remind you to show yourself some love!
Make time for yourself today and show yourself some extra love. You deserve it!  I hope you really will find time for yourself even if it is only a few minutes while you are lying in bed tonight before you fall asleep.  Just be there in the moment with your thoughts.  I bet you’ll even get a better night’s sleep.

I will talk to you tomorrow, nice girls.  Have a great rest of the day!  Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first.


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