How to: Extend the life of your high heels

Hey Nice Girls! I fell one post short in my Nice Girl series, but to be honest I just couldn’t think of another nice girl topic and I just now have a free moment to sit down and put another post together.
Do you hate scuffed up toes on your shoes? Or is coloring in the scuffs on the back of your heels with a sharpie starting to drive you crazy? If you answered yes to both of these questions then keep on reading.

I would love a pair of these!
So cute!
Tips to keeping your heels looking brand new:

     1. DO NOT DRIVE IN YOUR HEELS! Okay, okay... I’m guilty of this too, but we really shouldn’t do it. While driving in your nice heels you are actually putting stress on the back of the heel. If you do this enough you could potentially break the heel off of your shoe. NOT GOOD! To avoid this, try driving in flip flops, flats or even Ugg boots now that it is cold outside. I do not suggest driving in your bare feet! During the summer I would drive in flip flops and change my shoes in the car before I walked into the office. However now that it is cold outside I have been driving in my Uggs, wearing them in the office and then changing into my heels once I am at my desk. This way my toes can stay warm a little longer. Do whatever works for you.

    2. DO NOT WEAR YOUR SHOES IN GRAVEL. I absolutely dread gravel driveways and gravel parking lots. Gravel will tear your shoes apart, making a fabulous pair of shoes ugly… SIGH. Here are a few tips: Have someone drop you off at the door so you can avoid the gravel in the parking lot. Walk on your toes slowly. By doing this you will be able to at least keep the heel of your shoes out of the gravel. If these are not options for you, again wear an alternate pair of shoes until you walk in the door and change really fast. Or maybe you know a nice person who is willing to roll out the red carpet for your arrival? Haha, just a thought.

    3. KEEP YOUR SHOES IN THE BOX. Storing your shoes will keep them much happier (do shoes have feelings… I’m not sure). By keeping them in the box you will avoid shoes rubbing together causing scratches or scuffs. If you don’t like the original box, visit your local Target and purchase a few plastic shoe box containers. I have a few of these and your shoes fit perfectly. Also the under the bed shoe storage containers will work as well. The main goal is to keep your shoes from touching a million other pairs.

I hope this blog will help you to keep your shoes looking and feeling great (there’s that feeling thing again-- I hope my shoes don’t have feelings because I’m not always the best owner, but I try hard to keep them as nice as possible). Please leave any and all of your comments below. Don’t forget about blog requests. I know I have a few and I will be getting to them soon, so please continue to be patient with me.

I must say, I am really enjoying today thus far. I only have one class this afternoon, my night class is CANCELLED and I have no homework which means I can turn being on duty into a MOVIE NIGHT! I’m thinking of watching Burlesque. It’s one of my favorites right now. I could watch it every night. What are you up to on your Thursday night? I hope you have a great Thursday. Maybe you can turn your evening into a movie night too.

Be fierce, Be fabulous, Be you and remember, nice girls always finish first.


PS: look at this cute shirt I found.  I would love to have one of these... HIGH HEELS HIGH HOPES.  I'm going to say the higher your heels the high your hopes (well your hopes are probably high that you do not fall in them-  haha)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Girl. Having been in the shoe biz and loving my share of beautiful footwear, I thought I might share some additional tips I found very useful for adding life and comfort to my favorite pumps and sandals. When I buy leather soled footwear I would always bring them to my fav Italian cobbler for him to apply a rubber half slip to the sole. It adds comfort and grip to your walk, very important to me especially when I worked in Manhatten. Also, if your heel tips are that shiny cheaper plastic material, have your shoe cobbler replace it with a hard rubber tip.

Spray your footwear with waterproof spray as soon as you get home. This is a must not only against rain but anything liquid that might spill onto your footwear.

Gum rubber and white erasers can get marks off of suede, nubuck, as well as fabric shoes. I kept a small white eraser in my purse the day the day of my wedding and my beautiful ivory brocade pumps look perfect to this day.

There are sprays that revive the color of suede and nubuck. Again, a good shoe repair shop is a girls best friend. Oh, and some of these tips work for bags and belts as well. Happy shoe shopping!!

All American Nice Girl said...

Thank you for the additional tips! I always love learning new tips and tricks!! :)