Quick Question: I need your help

Hey everyone- how are you?  I hope you are all doing fabulous!

I am in the process of cleaning out my room so I have a place to store my college items.  As I am going through my room I have decided that it is time to remove some of my trophies.

 Do you have an organization tips on how to keep them nice in storage?

Any tips that you have are greatly appreciated!

Be Fierce, Be Fabulous, Be You and remember nice girls always finish first!



Catherine W said...

Hello Brittnee, yes I do! Get some sturdy moving boxes, white paper, bubble wrap and tape. Bunch up the paper and put at least 6 inches of paper cushions on the bottom of the box. Wrap the items tightly with bubble wrap, and use the paper (bunched up) in between and around the items. Put the paper everywhere, like layering. Tape the boxes, Done!

Anonymous said...

shame the summer is prety much over and there have not been many blogs at all...:(

Anonymous said...

Where in the World in Brittnee?!?