It's about that time of year again...

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. The best thing to me about the holiday season is settling in at home after a busy semester on campus and having lots of time to spend with my family and friends. There is nothing better than the cozy feeling of home after all the decorations are up and Christmas cookies are baking in the oven. I love to share this feeling with everyone and I do so by volunteering my time. I cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and lend a helping hand again this year because I had so many great experiences giving back to my community. I’m going to share my experience with you from last year in the hope of inspiring you to get involved this holiday season.

Last year as the fall semester came to an end, I wanted to mark my break with something I could really be proud of when I went back to school in January. I’ve volunteered a lot but this time I wanted to do something that would allow me to interact with those I was helping. I wanted to show people that I care and that there is hope so I did some research to find a way I could be hands on in my community. I decided to work with the Salvation Army. I volunteered for 3 days in their toy distribution warehouse. Those three days are and will continue to be some of my best holiday memories ever. It was so heartwarming to help parents who had little hope of giving their children a happy holiday, choose gifts that I just knew were going to make their kids light up with joy on Christmas morning. It was such a rewarding experience because the families were so thankful and I knew I was watching dreams come true.

After this amazing experience I cannot think of a better way to spend a few days on my winter break. This year I plan to return to the Salvation Army’s toy distribution warehouse and again volunteer my time with this worthwhile organization. You may even find me ringing one of those familiar bells.

Comment below and tell me how you plan to give back this holiday season. Please give generously and make a difference in someone’s life. Remember, Nice Girls always put others first.


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Anonymous said...

You are such a caring and thoughtful person! You've inspired me to give up my time during the holiday season and help others by working at toy drives.
I love your blog! I really think you should write about ideas for gifts to give to family members and friends. I know Black Friday is coming up for some prime time shopping!! :)