Spring Fashions

Hey Nice girls!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the sunshine, warm weather, and seeing all the flowers in bloom. As a nice girl with style on my mind, I have to admit that my favorite thing about spring is spring fashions!!! My fashion tips are my own nice girl opinions and are not set in stone. Feel free to leave a comment or two about your spring fashion tips. It will be great to learn about the rules you dress by in the spring!

My biggest spring pet peeve is when girls bring out the bright spring-colored purses before Easter. Try and wait until after Easter to show off your new cute purse. Also, white pants, white shoes, and white dresses should be saved until after Easter. I know this is a very old rule and many fashionistas would disagree with me. But I think it is important to dress for the season and Easter is the guideline I use. I know how we all love to wear bright spring colors such as blue, green and of course my favorite color, pink! Easter is in 16 days and I know you can fight the temptation and hold off on those bright colors and whites until then.

Watch the weather forecast! Check out weather.com or download a weather app to your Blackberry. If it is supposed to be cold out, don’t wear socks with your flips flops (never a good look). If you need socks on your feet to keep warm, I’m sorry but it is still too early to wear flip flops or sandals. Instead, try a cute pair of tennis shoes. There are tons of cute Mary Jane styles out there. Wearing tennis shoes is a great swap for flip flops this time of year. You will look fashionable and will have warm toes too!

My favorite spring outfit is a jean skirt with Uggs. This nice girl loves her Uggs and I hold onto them as long as I can. This is a cute way to enjoy the warm weather later in the day but also keep your feet warm on those chilly mornings and look stylish all at the same time. Additionally, make sure your skirt is an appropriate length. If you have to walk up the stairs with your hands squeezed tight by your sides to keep your skirt down, it is too short. I promise you can find a cute, fashionable skirt at a practical length. Denim skirts never go out of style so once you find the perfect one, you can wear it season after season. Oh! I almost forgot. I complete my look by adding a cute white T and a great belt.

Short shorts are out nice girls! I love to wear longer shorts because they fit better, are easier to wear and look flattering on all body types. With the micro length shorts you have to keep pulling them down because they ride up and there’s no good way to do that in public. There just isn’t. I know the search for shorts can be exhausting but take on the challenge! It’s another shopping trip, right? That’s never a bad thing. Find a pair that fits your body type. I know you will find a nice pair. Try Express and H&M. These stores have nice selections of various lengths. One will work for you. It just takes a little effort to find the pair for you.

Tanning is a popular thing to be doing right now. Prom is right around the corner and everyone wants to look amazing in their dress. Don’t become a tanorexic! Yes ladies, there is a thing called over tanning. If you tan, start now so you have time to build a nice glow instead of an orange tan. Also, don’t over bronze. I am new to using a daily bronzer. I had to play around with the product for a few days to get the right amount of bronzer on my face. Remember, too much bronzer will make you look orange and you do not want that. Work within your skin type and find a bronzer that works with your complexion and skin tone. For those who don’t take chances with their skin, there are some great faux tanners on the market. I use one myself and will include information about it in a future blog about my favorite products.

Another fashion tip for spring is to wear a cami with low-cut and thin shirts. Camis serve two purposes. First they fill in low-cut necklines and look cute under shorter shirts to keep your midriff covered. Camis also smooth your silhouette and help outer layers glide smoothly over your body. Camis are a nice girl’s best friend! I wear them on a day to day basis. Give them a try. Look for a variety of strap styles and necklines to ensure they go with everything you have.

Here’s a rule of thumb for you to consider when putting outfits together. Fitted or closely fitting tops go best with looser bottoms like boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans and tighter fitting pants look best with loose/flowy tops. Don’t pair a loose top with loose pants. Your frame will be overwhelmed with all the fabric. Instead try boyfriend jeans with a great tank and belt. To balance your frame, throw on a mid-thigh denim skirt with a flowy peasant top. The idea is to balance your frame. Try on several options and stand in front of a full-length mirror to see the difference I am talking about.

My number one spring tip is to wear SUNSCREEN! Keep your face protected at all times. It’s never too early to fight the aging process. Sunscreen will protect your face from damaging UV rays. It is never ok to not wear sunscreen. If you don’t want to put sunscreen on along with your other products, find a daily moisturizer with an SPF in it. Some foundations even have SPF protection built in. Even if you don’t see the sun outside there are still UV rays out there so you always want to be protected. Want extra protection from the sun? Wear a hat. There are lots of stylish options. Try a fedora. I love mine and wear it all the time.

Please remember these tips are my personal opinion. Do not feel obligated to follow these rules. I follow them because they work for me. I can’t wait to hear what works for you. Have a wonderful weekend nice girls and remember, nice girls always finish first!



Nikki said...

Never thought about a cami smoothing out a top. Good tip.

Angie said...

What do you think about wearing Uggs with shorts in the summer? I love my Uggs too!

BrittneeNoel said...

Angie, I love my Uggs so much I would wear them everyday if I could. Uggs are more of a winter/fall fashion. Although I think it would be really cute, I would not recommend it. I think a good swap would be to buy Ugg sandals! Try that! Hope this helps! :)

Anonymous said...

What about knit pants, you never mention them? :) I like knit pants.