Mini Book Haul, Doorbells and Norwalk!

Hey Nice Girls!

I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say how great it is to see the sun shining in the morning when we wake up. I can’t wait for this fabulous weather to continue! My favorite part of summer is being able to kick back with a great book and a glass of cold lemonade so of course I’ve hit the book store a few times this past week. I needed a little mini book haul to get me through the first few weeks of summer. I purchased three books: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, The time traveling fashionista by Bianca Turetsky and The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls. I’m really excited to start reading my new books. I’m going to start with The time traveling fashionista because it looks like a quick read. This book also has cute pictures every now and again that are very girly. I’ll let you know what I think of each book after I finish them. Let me know if you have any good book recommendations. I’m always looking to lose myself in a new book.

Also, this morning I was fast asleep enjoying a good dream about spending the day at the beach. Out of nowhere the doorbell starts ringing a million times. My reaction is I hope they (my parents) are locked out of the house for waking me up with the doorbell! HAHA! Of course it was my dad who decided it would be a great idea to see if he could wake me up with the bell… let me tell you it worked! Up out of bed I jumped and down the stairs I went. To my surprise my parents were just relaxing on the front porch laughing when I opened the front door. Oh well my mom and I ended up shopping so I was okay with the doorbell incident!

Tomorrow I am spending the day with my dad at Buick Day at Norwalk. If you were not already aware I am a car girl and love the drag strip! I’m looking forward to some great father daughter bonding time.

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How’s your summer so far? Have you been reading any good books? Let me know what you are up to! And remember, nice girls always finish first.



Anonymous said...

so with summer approching what are your favorite summer styles and tipes to looking like a super chique and well put together on those amazing summer days. I am getting ready to update my summer wordrobe so I am super excited! hope ur haveing a great day!

Anonymous said...

what are you tips for exercising, healthy habits and staying in shape? i love to do this esp with summer approching fast, but sometimes i just cant seem to not be so lazy lol